We want this Porsche Lego with its own working suspension

The amazing thing with Lego is that you can practically build anything with it and, yes, that even includes a Porsche with its own working suspension.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a sports car built with Legos – remember the Veyron with the working gearbox? – and we sure as hope it won’t be the last. Whether you’re a nine-year old kid getting his first exposure into building complicated Lego pieces or a 30-year old that appreciates a uniquely built Porsche made out of these blocks, seeing things like this never gets old.

From the detailed construction to the ingenuity of including a working suspension, there’s a whole lot to love about this Lego Porsche. Not only does it combine our present-day fascination with Porsches, but it also uses a toy that all of us have come to enjoy since our childhood days.

It may seem a little juvenile to some, but don’t pretend that you wouldn’t want having this on your desk to show off to your friends because we sure as heck would.

Source: Cardomain


Cool! This is a car toy with lego pieces on it. How convenient! I want this as a gift to my brother. For sure he will love this one.

Very freaking cool. I’ve been in love with the new Boxster Spyder since it was introduced. I wish I could get my sticky hands on a finished TPC one. Not quite within my striking range for the whole thing.

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