When accessorizing your Chrysler Town & Country with a torpedo becomes a bad idea

We don’t know how this falls under the parameters of auto safety, but if Chrysler’s thinking of adding a new feature to the Chrysler Town & Country , we don’t think a torpedo - or two - would be such a good idea. Then again, it just might come in handy when you’re running late for your kids’ soccer practice. Or maybe not.

Let’s just hope that whoever owns this car doesn’t have a habit of being perpetually late and he or she won’t have a need to use it.

Source: Jalopnik


Or maybe , he wants to try the life in prison...smiley

How the hell did he get those?. Isn’t it illegal to carry a bomb publicly?.

Is it legal to purchase this torpedo in the roof of your car.. because when I see this kind of thing probably it will scare me.

hahaha maybe her GF has been stolen by others thay’s why he wanted to bomb this guy’s house along with ther GF.

hahaha kamikaze right... So this just is a Japanese after all haha.

Maybe he’s a Japanese kamikaze hahaha... and dropping the bomb to the house of the man who stole his GF/Wife.

This is definitely not a good idea! What is he thinking anyways?!

oh that looks scary right, but I bet this is an inactive torpedo because no one is so stupid make use of an active torpedo as a car decoration.

Freak! Why would you carry a torpedo while driving? Isn’t that illegal? BTW, Is the torpedo still active? Because no one would do such thing on an active torpedo.

ok what would make one get these weapons that belong to the NAVY? man what is the world coming to

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