Which car will get you the most girls? 2012 Lamborghini Aventador or 1930 Ford Model A Rat Rod?

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We hate saying this but many people buy expensive supercars just to be seen in them. Rather than appreciating the engineering and hard work which is put into creating these exotics, the sad truth is people buys cars like the Lamborghini to find beautiful women who will be “wooed” by their expensive taste.

But does expensive always mean more girls will be attracted to you cruising in your car? Well, Motor Trend teamed up with HOT ROD Magazine’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan when they rented a Lamborghini Aventador for 24 hours, costing a cool $6000 dollars. They were also lucky enough to take an extremely unique and one-off 1930 Model A ‘Rat Rod’ which was only ever designed for automotive conventions and shows, rather than actual driving.

The goal of the test? Well, it was simply to find out which car attracts the most attention when cruising through Californian streets, and the result may surprise you.

Enjoy the video!


I asked my girlfriend which car she wants and obviously, she choose the Lamborghini.

Actually when I told my friends about it, they laugh about the question. They are really asking us the obvious.

HAHA ! Maybe the 1930 Ford Model? If they are talking about Old ladies. smiley

We are now living in a modern day that’s why I think girls will like the one that is very modern.

I don’t know what they want us to learn about this race, but for sure Lamborghini is the answer to that question.

Of Course, they like the most popular of all time—Aventador. I like those girls who want to seat on the Aventador at the fullest speed.

Why make such a question if in the first place, we all know the answer?

I wonder why they made this stupid car race ?

Ha ha. Isn’t obvious that Lamborghini will be chosen by the girls that the vintage car of Ford?

What a stupid race! We all know that Lamborghini will win that! Oh come on! Give us an exciting race!

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