Wiesmann MF4-S with M3 engine to debut in Geneva

Wiesmann may just be getting it right. It takes modern German engineering and wraps it in classic English styling.

The latest version of this modern-retro marriage is MF4-S, which well see for the first time in the flesh at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We were already expecting the MF4 and the MF5 , but the surprise MF4-S’s 420 hp 4.8-liter V8 lifted from the BMW M3 will make a nice middle point between the 367 hp MF4 and 507 hp MF5.

The MF4-S will be offered with either a manual or an automatic dual-clutch transmission. It is built on a aluminum monocoque chassis and has a lightweight bodywork. The MF4-S is part of Wiesmann’s celebration of its twentieth anniversary, so production will be limited (about 30 units).

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