Winkelmann Confirms More Bespoke Lamborghini Models

Lamborghini Aventador J

For everyone who liked the one-off Aventador J and can’t wait for the limited production version of the Sesto Elemento , here’s something else to chew on: Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed that there are more bespoke models in the pipe line, as well as more personalization options for the current Gallardo and Aventador supercars.

A Lamborghini spokesman has announced that these upcoming bespoke models will be built at the company’s new prototype and concept development center that opened in Sant’Agata, Italy. This new development center has been divided in two: one half will be responsible for the development of a small-scale production line and the other half for building limited production cars.

He also confirmed that the company’s new Ad Personam personalization program will add lots of new colors, interior trim materials, and other upgrades. These advancements in style will not come cheap, but it will more than likely be a small price to pay for this kind of exclusivity.

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