Woman delivers baby while driving her Chevy Cobalt to the hospital; Chevy rewards her strength

If there ever was a good time to give birth, doing it while driving aChevy Cobalt on your way to the hospital isn’t one of them. Unfortunately for Amanda McBride, that’s exactly what happened to her when she began having contractions while she was at work. McBride immediately ran to her car and drove home to pick up her boyfriend - he couldn’t drive because of seizures so she had to sit behind the wheel the whole time - so they could go to the hospital. Halfway from their house to the hospital, though, McBride’s water broke, which forced the couple to deliver the baby right then and there.

The good news is that the baby boy - they named him Joseph - survived the whole ordeal and is now in good condition at the hospital. We’re glad the couple made it out and lived to tell the story of their unbelievable birth-giving episode, although it probably would have been cool if they named their baby boy Cobalt. Or maybe not.

What is even cooler about this whole ordeal is that Chevrolet got wind of this unique and slightly traumatic experience and has given the family a year supply of diapers, two child safety seats, a stroller, and many other of the necessities required to care for a baby (bottles, formula, toys, etc.).

Good job, Chevrolet! Delivering a baby is hard work on its own, but having to do it while behind the wheel of your car is just downright ridiculous. We are sure Momma Amanda is very grateful for your kind gifts.


Its a good thing that he deliver his baby safely. And its so generous for the part of the Chevy to give such blessings for that family! Well, I congratulate the couples!

it’s a miracle actually.. but its so sweet for the part of the mother to give her child that name.

that’s sweet..good thing is they are safe.

They should name their next model after the newborn! Clever idea, right?

At least it has a good ending.

Cute little baby and a very lucky chevy!

Cute baby, even their baby is smiling back at them.

I agree, They should keep it and let their baby own it until till it reach 18 yrs old.

Lucky baby boy because he got a brave mother, and a car hospital. That situation is amazing and good thing chevy cars have those interior wide structure.

Well that car is lucky. they should keep it for the rest of their lives.

how nice that was awsome of chevy

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