World's first ever "Scratch Car-d"

Chevrolet unveiled today the first "Scratch Car-d" on a bed of 16,995 pennies to mark the launch of the new Chevrolet Captiva, the company’s first SUV for the UK market.

World's first ever "Scratch Car-d"

Thousands of people lined up, grabbed a penny and rubbed away on the world’s first ‘Scratch Car-d’ today. The unique SUV was built in in two months and was completely covered in silver latex, the material found on lottery scratch cards, which took 14 hours to scratch off. Underneath were thousands of individual panels, with one revealing a symbol to win the vehicle.

World's first ever "Scratch Car-d"

Chevrolet’s Les Turton comments:

"It’s exciting and unique to unveil the world’s first ‘Scratch Car-d’ in the UK, giving the British public the chance to take part in the biggest scratch off in history. You’ve been able to scratch to win a car before, but using a vehicle as an actual scratch card is certainly a first and it could take 14 hours of scratching. The Captiva is set to be one of the best value for money SUV’s on the market, but the fact that a lucky participant is only one scratch away from winning the car represents even better value.

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