Would you like to win a 2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

Anyone who is having a difficult time deciding which future vehicle to choose from - the C-Class Coupe , the BMW 3-Series Coupe , or the Audi A5 - may get a push in the right direction with this latest bit of news coming out of the luxury child of Daimler. Mercedes is giving everyone a chance to own their 2012 C-Class Coupe without paying a dime for it.

In a marketing strategy fit to conquer all, Mercedes is hosting a contest called the "Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race", a contest similar to the one done by Jeep earlier this year. However, at the end of this contest, two winners will be chosen to take home the brand new coupe model, and - yes there’s more - some Super Bowl XLV tickets. Mercedes sure does know the way to our hearts.

To enter the contest, simply refine your online social skills. Mercedes will choose its eight contestants depending on their Twitter Klout scores and overall social media presence. These eight contestants will then be split up into four teams, who will then have to embark from one of four cities - New York, LA, Chicago, or Tampa - with a pair of Super Bowl tickets and a specially outfitted Mercedes Benz. The first team to reach Dallas will claim their brand new Mercedes C-Class Coupe. Don’t think it will be easy though. Mercedes will also have the team members competing in a series of challenges along the way. It’s kind of like the Amazing Race for Mercedes enthusiasts.

If you are interested in the competition then head on over to the Mercedes Facebook page (provided in the source link) and sign yourself up. It may be the only vehicle you’ll ever get for free.

Source: Facebook


that would be so great to own a 2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe without paying any single dime!

I was hoping that MB would offer the 6-speed manual in the C250 as well, however it’s likely not going to happen - at least initially.

I like the sedan better. And how many people other than a few car nuts wants a stick shift transmission, much less know how to drive stick. Those few car nuts usually buy BMW 3-series or rice burners.

I agree. Def should have lost the B- ar. Price would have increased, but that "windows-down experience" is a pretty strong selling point.

the indicator light is on the bottom in one of the pics which is different from the sedan and t-limousine. perhaps the lights will be slightly different? still think they should get rid of the b- ar and make it a true mb coupe.

Pretty good. A lot less busy than some recent Benz designs. Do NOT like that it seems to have a B- ar, though...

The bulging hood looks like it should have a Hemi under it. (was it designed during the Chrysler/MB so-called merger?)

If CLC’s becoming the C-Class Coupe and if CLK became the E-Class Coupe, why’s CL remaining the same and not the S-Class Coupe?

is it gonna be A5 and 3series competitor ? i thought that was the E cope.. so what is the point from this 1 ?? A3 - 1ser comp. ??

really? I’m from florida and yes I’m planning to join later. hope i could win this event..

well of course, but unfortunately I cant join this competition, they are not offering this one to our country.. pretty bad does it?

Being in same frequency with Alfafox5 and with renegade in same time I started to believe that coupe will be built in next gen platform.

off course i love to win a merc c-class, but unfortunately I don’t know how to use the tweeter... hehehe

wow, I’d really love to join but I’m from states, i guess they are only giving this to UK and US.

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