Would you pay $870K for a Ferrari 458 Italia?

Ferrari 458 Italia China Special Edition

On the US market, a 458 Italia is priced at $220,000 - a reasonable price considering it’s a 570 HP Ferrari model. Now the question is: would you pay $870,000 for a special edition 458 Italia?

The car is question is the 458 Italia China Edition , which only received an extra golden dragon on the front bonnet, the title of being a "special edition," and a limited run of 20 units. Ferrari then had the gall to price it at 5.588 million yuan, or 700,000 euro, or $870,000. That adds up to a roughly $650,000 addition to the final price. With such a high markup, that dragon better be real, flame shooting and all.

Now here’s the real question. Is Ferrari trying to make its customers pay for their "little" mistake of using a 458 Italia China for a stunt on the Zhonghua Gate Tower in Nanjing that resulted in an insult to the Chinese culture? We hope not, because up-charging them on a car with little to no modifications may just add insult to injury.

Source: Jalopnik


I would honestly say no if I were the one who asked that question. Maybe I would still go for the non-special edition one. smiley

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