Xzibit's Lamborghini Gallardo for sale

Source: eBay

Having the chance to own a celebrity car might be the best thing to happen for some us. If you are one of those, when you will be happy to know that Xzibit’s Lamborghini Gallardo is available for sale on eBay. The supercar was driven by Xzibit at 2007 Gumball 3000 rally. Xzibit will donate 10% to the two victims of the terrible Gumball crash, Vladimir & Margarita Chepunjoska.

Xzibit's Lamborghini Gallardo for sale

Car specifications

  • 500hp, european editon,
  • 0-60 in 4,2 sec., max. speed (as tested) 320 km/h
  • color: silver - now the car has a black film with the Adidas/Gumball design in gold and chrom-gold- original made before Gumball3000 this year by an english company,
  • black painted wheels (made new after gumball - they are now deepblack and shiny),
  • new PIRELLI P-Zero for Gumball (used for about 2500km),
  • car has black and red bi-color leather seats,
  • air conditon,
  • sound system with CD-changer,
  • alcantara roof
  • xenon

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