Yahoo Auto's offers “Green Center”

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With Yahoo Auto’s, you can now find the green rating for the car that you are interested in.

Yahoo Auto’s offers “Green Center”

Yahoo Auto's offers “Green Center”

Yahoo have put them selves ahead of the game in vehicle search by launching the Green Centre, this is an addition to the auto section and offers buyers who are interested in how green cars are and in fact anyone who is interested in the different types of environmentally friendly cars to read up up first and then search out the vehicles which suit them best.

This is an innovative approach to new car search, as the information provided is up to date and shows the searcher what type of fuel the cars use and has a unique rating system which shows at a glance how good the car is according to the rating system.

Yahoo’s green ratings are on a scale of 1 to 100, the higher the figure the better (Greener) the car is. What does the green rating take into account? Basically it looks at four simple points;

1.Emissions of Green House Gases.
2.The Fuel Consumption.
3.Pollution occurred during the manufacturing process.
4.What comes out of the exhaust, (Gases etc.).

Each item has a value and when the equation is competed then Yahoo has its green rating, which has been developed with the help of Environmental Defense, a non profit organisation working to find cost effective solutions to environmental problems.


This will be perfect for people looking for a environmentally friendly cars. They will have wide selection of cars to choose from.

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