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In the latest episode of The Downshift, MotorTrend follows the guys at GSR Autosport and Formula Drift champion Mike Essa as they tune a BMW 335i with loads of go-fast parts for a big reveal and give-away at the 2013 SEMA show next week.

Concentrating mostly on the suspension and brakes, GSR Autosport added Bilstein’s new IRC suspension, which uses the latest technology and can be controlled via a smartphone. The suspension continually adapts to changing conditions, using a g-load sensor in an onboard computer, along with the g-load sensor within the smartphone. Other suspension parts were swapped out with upgraded BMW M components for greater handling.

The BMW’s engine was treated to a few additional horsepower, thanks to a cold-air intake and larger intercooler, while the stock 335i brakes were tossed in favor of huge Brembo calibers and cross-drilled rotors.

“This isn’t just a track day car,” says Michael Essa. “This is a car you can go to the track with and drive everyday.” With the adjustable suspension, the driver can put it into sport, track, street, or comfort modes depending on the situation.

The lucky winner of the raffle, David Smit, will be driving home the GSR Autosport/Bilstein BMW 335i after the companies show it off at this year’s SEMA auto show.

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Magnus Walker’s love for the Porsche 911 is so deep that it was chronicled in a documentary called “Urban Outlaw.” Magnus takes classic Porsche 911 Porsche 911 s and modifies them with his signature touches. The cars he designs retain their original 911 lines, but on closer inspection they look a bit more race inspired. The cars are basically stripped versions of the original with a little extra pep under their hood.

In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay and Magnus take a look at one of Magnus Walker’s customized Porsche 911s. The video shows Jay Leno getting a little seat time in this custom car and showing that it isn’t meant just for the track — we assure you it is still more fun on the track.

Beyond building fantastic Porsches, Magnus Walker also has a great line of clothing wear inspired by his Porsches. But for us it’s the cars that really matter. The amount of detail he puts into this custom 911 is simply incredible and it just looks like something you could have seen circling racetracks back in the ’60s.

Check out the above video to see these two car guys enjoy the work of a true automotive artist.

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of just a handful of places where you can see some of the greatest classic cars and new performance cars being driven the way they were meant to be.

One of the highlights of this year’s show will be Porsche’s celebration of the 911 turning 50 years old. In commemoration its half-centennial, Porsche will bring 911s from various years throughout its lifespan, including some legendary racing models. Seeing the cars side-by-side should give those attending the show an idea of just how the famed 911 has evolved over the years.

Fortunately, the wait is almost over, as we are winding down to this year’s Goodwood kick off, which comes in July. For us press guys, the Festival comes a little early by way of a preview event that has just completed.

This above video features Harry Metcalfe filming his time at the preview event and it opens with Harry driving in a Lamborghini Espada , which just so happened to be his ride to the event. He also hitched rides in some of the hottest cars that will grace the 2013 Goodwood FoS, including: a McLaren 12C Can Am, a race-prepped Lotus Exige and an Opel Manta 400. The amount of beauty and history in this video is simply astonishing.

Anyone that has seen Super Troopers can appreciate the fact that some cops do play pranks on one another. As a friend of many law enforcement folk, I can attest to the fact that it does happen and its usually benign. Things like the cat prank are awesome and completely innocent, though no officer would ever actually do it, as it undermines his authority.

Alright, meow, enter in several boneheads from Florida and you have a complete and utter failure of a prank. It’s not that the prank itself was not a success, but rather the fact that said prank could have killed many people if it had gone awry.

These two officers we’re talking about meow decided it would be funny to go speeding through a construction zone at 90 mph and get a fellow officer to chase them. After a little while the car stops in the middle of the road, with the chasing officer still unaware of the “prank,” and the driver hops out as if he is about to run.

The pursuing officer, Christina Fowler, draws her gun, then the driver finally identifies himself as fellow officer, Marc Thompson, just before bursting into a fit of ridiculous laughter. In the speed car were two other officers, a sergeant and another beat officer. For this “prank,” Thompson and the sergeant were terminated and the officer in the rear got a one-day vacation without pay.

The firings are being contested by the union, but in our opinion, these guys got what they deserved. Imaging if a worker was late getting off his shift at the construction site and was hit by Thompson’s car. That prank wouldn’t be so funny then...

What would have really made us laugh is if Fowler would have very business-like just written Thompson a ticket, or better yet, taken him straight to jail for his idiotic idea of a joke. Check out the above video to see the idiocy unfold.


We’ve already documented the friendly “feud” between Red Bull teammates Travis Pastrana and Sebastien Loeb. We knew from Loeb’s acceptance video to Pastrana’s challenge that his team was working on a new version of the Citroën DS3 tuned specifically for his X-Games and RallyCross debut.

An important part of making a completely different version of a racecar is the fact that the driver has to thoroughly test it. That’s to be expected, but in true Red Bull style, they made a rather dramatic review of the car and put it on the Interwebz for us all to enjoy. While the actual car footage is scarce in the video, its awesomeness makes up for lack of volume. The absolute symphony of noise that this car makes is enough to raise the hair on the backs of our necks. It’s like the automotive version of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

In the video, Loeb lets us know that the X-Games version of the DS3 is far more powerful than the one he runs in the WRC. Citroën racing engineer, Cyrille Jourdan, chimes in to give us an idea of just how fast this car is, telling us that it hits 60 mph in less than 3 seconds – talk about a ”hot hatch,” sheesh.

The laidback Loeb proceeds to let us know the obvious, that it’s “fun to drive” this finely tuned automotive gem. Seeing the stacks of worn out tires just mere seconds after he says that it’s fun shows us that he has definitely had his fair share of fun with it. We say it’s time he gives us a crack at it!

You can see the video above and make sure to crank up your speakers to catch every last decibel that this wonderful machine puts out. It’s simply awesome.

Remember when we were all kids and our parents would constantly remind us never to play with anything electric around water? For the most part, we all listened to them, right? We wonder if the same goes for playing with a really big electric toy on top of frozen water – AKA snow and ice.

According to Tesla , the rule definitely does not apply to frozen water, or the company just so happens to be chocked full of bad boys and girls that didn’t listen to their parents. The above video is proof of their frozen water and electricity shenanigans, as the all-new Tesla Model S goes sliding around in the snow and ice, and appears to be having a dang good time in the process.

The video is of the 2013 Tesla S testing in the cold weather, something that has been a thorn in the side of electric cars since their inception. Apparently, the Tesla S not only tested well in the cold weather, but for a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan, it sure did hold onto the track well. We’re interested to see what tires Tesla slapped on this electro-mobile to make it stick the way it did because they definitely aren’t summer tires.

The only time we saw it really break loose was at the 1:15 when it looks to be in a fairly controlled drift. Regardless of its snow handling, we still think the Tesla Model S and its 4.4-second peak 0 – 60 time is pretty awesome. Then again, that $105,400 sticker price will definitely put a small hole in anyone’s wallet.

So we now need to add an asterisk next to the old water and electricity lesson that our parents taught us, so it excludes water in a solid state. No, this doesn’t mean you can mess with your toaster or dry your hair while ice fishing!

Anyways, kick back and enjoy mixing electricity with snow and ice, we certainly did.

Remember back in the late-1990s when there was all of that hubbub about top-heavy SUVs and how they roll over easily? Apparently, some people really need to be reminded of how SUVs handle. We totally understand that the Nürburgring is an awesome thing, as anyone with a car, $34, a driver’s license, and a heartbeat can take their car screaming down this famed course. We also completely understand that some SUVs belong on this track, like the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, X6M , and so on.

That said, c’mon guys, taking an obviously stock Honda CR-V for a cruise around the ‘Ring? Are you trying to record a 20:00 time around the course to gloat about to your buddies? There comes a moment in every person’s life where you simply have to decide that the risk really isn’t worth the reward, and flying an early 2000s CR-V around the ‘Ring is one of those times.

It looks like the driver in the above video doesn’t quite grasp any of that… The first minute of the video consists of almost all high-performance vehicles, or at least modified ones. Once you get to the 1:05 mark on the video you hear a loud screeching sound of tall, skinny tires and coming around the corner sideways is a CR-V. A quick flick in the other direction to attempt to correct the spin and that’s all she wrote; over goes the CR-V into a spectacular rollover.

The CR-V then leaps over the guardrail on a single bound and sticks the landing like a pro. Keep in mind, the only reason we are so nonchalant about this horrible wreck is that according to the YouTube post, the people in the CR-V were fine, except for the fact that their mom’s gonna be mad when she sees her car.

Enjoy the video and make this a reminder, don’t race your CR-V on a track designed for racecars. It never turns out well.

Back when the Impreza WRX made its debut, we began salivating, as it marked the comeback of the turbocharged car. Then once the STi came around bearing its 300-horsepower, 2.5-liter H-4 engine, we were officially in love. That love has somewhat dissipated, as the turbocharged market has become a little flooded lately. The STi still has its own little spot in our hearts though.

One of the many things that made the STi so unique was its combination of extreme power from a four-cylinder engine with Subaru’s legendary AWD system. This made, and still makes, the WRX STi one of the most fun cars in the world to tinker around in the snow and ice.

The above video comes straight from Russia showing a rather good driver maneuvering his STi through the icy and snowy streets with a lead car filming him. Not only is the action pretty darn good, but the editing isn’t half-bad either.

Regardless of how cool this video is, we do have to ask you to please not go buy an STi and start sliding around your city’s streets during the next snowstorm. Yeah, it looks cool and you might get yourself a spot on the internet, but its rather dopey, to say the least.

Now that we have given you our parent-like lecture for the day, sit back and enjoy a WRX STi frolicking in it favorite habitat, snow and ice. If you keep a close eye at the 1:19 mark, you can see their fun is almost over, as plow tractors are coming through to clean up the slippery stuff.

Ford has not been shy with new high-performance models in its 2013 lineup. First came the newly redesigned Fusion with an optional 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, then the Focus ST with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. So what’s next for Ford? We think Ford may have tipped its hand with a recent video.

In this video (above) you can see a teaser of what’s to come. From what it looks like, Ford will be announcing a high-performance model of the 2013 Ford Explorer on Wednesday, March 28th. It is all speculation as of yet, but with the ominous sounds of an engine reaching high rpm, what else could it be?

We may be reading way too much into the video, but if you watch carefully at the 0:10 mark, you will see a speedometer on the left. Count the seconds it takes for this thing to reach 60 mph. By our estimation that Explorer hits 60 mph just shy of 5.5 seconds. Now, that could be just a sped up video of a standard Explorer, but if it’s authentic, that is one mean midsize SUV. That isn’t quite in the Grand Cherokee SRT8’s range, but it’s still impressive.

Most rumors in the industry are saying that this model, which may be dubbed an SHO, will feature the same 365-horsepower, 3.5-liter turbocharged V-6 connected to an all-wheel-drive system as the 2013 Taurus SHO. This would be a welcome addition to the existing 2013 Explorer lineup, which already includes a standard 290-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 and an optional 240-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

The video says “Coming 3-28-2012,” so we will simply wait and see what the specifics are. As we type this, it just rolled over to 12:00 a.m. on the 28th and still no details… Sheesh, Ford, take your time why don’t ya. In all honesty though, Ford has a live chat with its SUV Marketing Manager and Chief Engineer on its Facebook page setup for 2:30 p.m. EDT, so details are likely to be revealed at that time.

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After a long break of watching old episodes on YouTube, everybody’s favorite car show is back. Top Gear will return on Sunday for their 15th season and we already have some juicy information.

The biggest news is in the reasonably priced car department. The old Chevrolet Lacetti is gone and all we can say is, thank you. The old Suzuki Liana was far better than that, as Jay Kay put it, soulless piece of Yankee…you know. While we’re on the topic of Jay Kay, he will remain the fastest man to ever go around in the old Lacetti.

The producers have listened to everybody who complained last season and hopefully the show will be back to its old charm. The show won’t be going back to its old season one type format, but it won’t be as useless as the last season was. There will be a good mixture of testing cars and mucking about.

The first episode will have the Bentley Continental Supersports and a Toyota Hilux going up a volcano with James May at the wheel. There will also be some three-wheeled cars.

Catch the show on BBC2 at 8 p.m. or if you live in America you can download it, not that we support that sort of thing.

Source: TopGear

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