2012 Mercedes CK63 RS by Carlsson

During the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, Carlsson unveiled the first upgrade package for the 2012 Mercedes CLS63 AMG , but it seems they opted out of taking a vacation over the summer to present us with something new. For the 2011 Frankfurt Show, the tuner has revealed the CK63 RS; a new package with even more impressive exterior modifications and an extra 50 HP over the previous package.

The new CK63 RS starts off with the new CLS63 AMG equipped with the AMG Performance Package which increases the V8’s engine output to 557 HP and 589 lbs-ft (up from 525 HP and 516 lbs-ft of torque). After a few tuning tweaks, the new CK63 RS delivers a total of 649 HP and 663 lbs-ft of torque, sprinting the Mercedes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.

The exterior design for the new generation Mercedes CL S isn’t ho-hum by any means, but the added muscle provided by Carlsson warranted some changes. For that the tuner added a new front spoiler, a carbon fiber front spoiler lip, painted stainless steel grille inserts, a discrete trunk lip spoiler, and a new rear bumper. There is also a new set of 20" wheels in a double spoke design (available in Brilliant Edition, Graphite Edition, and Titanium Edition) and a new stainless steel sport exhaust system with 4 oval end pipes.

The Mercedes can also be lowered by about 30mm with a Carlsson patented suspension with two sport springs. This suspension reads the road conditions every 150 milliseconds and adjusts accordingly.

For the interior, customers can choose between wood, leather, Alcantara, and carbon fiber. The vehicle’s door panels, seats, and the rear seat bench are covered in Mokka brown Carlsson nappa leather and the dashboard, door panels, and center console have dark brown/matte carbon inlays. Other features of the interior include illuminated door sill panels, soft velour floor mats with a Carlsson logo, and brushed aluminum door pins.


This one has a very nice and much impressive because it has different interior design that the customer can choose from. This car is really fantastic. I just like the cool wheels of this simple car.

It was very nice and much impressive because it has different interior design that the customer can choose from. This car is really fantastic. I could practically use this someday in my everyday transportation.

This car was very nice and much impressive because it has different interior design that the customer can choose from. Carisson cars are really fantastic, specially on its first upgrade package, so I will wait for the next upgrades for the 2013 Mercedes.

I love the cool wheels of this simple car, and the fact that it is still so reliable on the road because on its decent appearance, and I could practically use this one in my everyday transportation. smiley

This really new to me, the exterior does show more impressive side, specially on the exterior and alloy wheel. Look how aggressive and solid the gesture of the car.

I don’t really like its design and platform even its wheels, but I noticed that the car lines give some appeal on it, and I think V8 engine is only suited on it.

2012 mercedes ck63 has 649 horse power and v8 engine. The detail of the car is good to see in the market. I want to see the 2013 mercedes smiley

I have to agree with you remy martini that the few modifications here in this car make it an extravagant! And I think V8 engine is quite good for it.

Both top car dealers merge on this extravagant model. I’m impressed with the exterior modification and additional 50 HP which is suitable for some adrenalin junkies.

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