The Mercedes Benz tuner Carlsson has unveiled the RS Design Package for the S Class luxury limousine, giving the full sized sedan a sportier look while allowing it to shine though above and beyond the competition. Offering their customers quite a bit of versatility, the Carlsson RS package is made up of high quality components consisting of lightweight carbon fiber or the more economical polyurethane as an option. The RS Design Package transforms the S Class into a sporty four door worthy of a gentleman, with a well toned body complete with bolder arches and a more aggressive exterior providing Mercedes Benz owners with the highest degree of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Carlsson revealed the first details on the C25, a tuning kit based on the Mercedes SL600 set to be released in March at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. To ensure the car’s exclusivity the tuner announced that there will only be 25 units produced, with only one unit for a certain country.

The C25 is powered by a 6.0 Liter V12 Bi-Turbo engine with an amazing output of 753 HP and 1150 Nm. Translated into performance this means a sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 201 MPH.

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The German tuning house Carlsson has just revealed a new performance package for the very sporty 2010 Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe at last weeks Frankfurt Motor Show. The new Carlsson CK50 is based on the two door E 550 and starts off with an increase in power that brings the V8 power plant’s maximum output up to 435 HP and 442.5 lb-ft of torque up from the factory rated 382 HP for the 5.5 Liter eight cylinder gas burning engine.

Carlsson CK50

The Carlsson CK50 features an RS style front lip spoiler made from lightweight carbon fiber that adds a sense of sport to the new midsize Mercedes coupe as well as an oversized Carlsson emblem in the middle of the grill to let onlookers know that this is no ordinary E Class coupe. Out back the German tuners have added a stainless steel exhaust system complete with a pair of trapezoidal tips to give the tuned 2010 E Class coupe the sporty appearance it warrants as well as an aggressive exhaust note to match.

The Carlsson CK50 rides on a set of the aftermarket manufacturer’s signature two tone 1/5 Revo wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter with a set of sport tuned coil overs underneath that allow the owner to no only get the desired stance from their two door E Class, but also adjust it to optimize the sport coupe’s handling while the interior of the Carlsson CK50 is made up of a variety of high class suede and aluminum accents on the gear shifter and pedals. The German tuners have successfully added just the right amount of attitude and style to the new E coupe without taking away from the luxury car’s prominence.

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If Brabus focused their attention of the S-Class for thew Frankfurt Motor Show, Carlsson moved their attention to the E63 AMG sports sedan. Their tuning package called E-CK63 RS is focusing on both car’s dynamic and luxurious.

Featuring an entirely re-engineered V8-engine, the E-CK63 RS delivers 585 hp and 695 NM and sprints from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Carlsson E-CK63 RS

At the exterior the German tuner added: front skirt, extended wings, side mouldings and rear skirt reveals the power of the Carlsson E-class at first sight, all made of polyurethane. On the interior Carlsson added aluminum applications on the door lock studs, the pedals and the foot rest, while the seats, the steering wheel, the automatic gearstick and the insides of the door are lined with the most delicate materials.

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The German tuning firm Carlsson has a long tradition of modifying Mercedes Benz models with everything from wild body kits and two tone paint jobs to more tasteful wheel and tire upgrades. Being that the 2010 E Class coupe is still a brand new model, and most automotive enthusiasts haven’t even had the opportunities to get to know the sporty two door’s aggressively sweeping lines. So the designers at Carlsson have decided to leave the bodywork alone for now and focus on upgrading the new E Class coupe by modifying its stance and fitting it with a pair of new shoes.

Carlsson reworks the 2010 Mercedes Benz E Class coupe

The suspension is modified with a set of lowering springs from the German manufacturer and brings the body about and inch closer the ground and eliminates any unsightly wheel gap that would show up between the new rims and the coupe’s already bold fenders. Carlsson is currently offering two different wheel and tire packages designed to work with the 2010 E Class. The first is a rather large 20 inch variant of their two tone split five spoke 1/5 REVO wheels starting at 3969 Euro. For the more conservative consumer Carlsson is also offering a set of 19 inch rollers for the shapely coupe, the brilliantly polished eleven spoke 1/11 Evo Brilliant Edition that will set you back only 2499 Euro.

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The German tuning firm Carlsson has just launched a new package for the Mercedes Benz GL SUV called the RS-Kit. The customization program features a lowered hanging front lip spoiler, a larger bolder grill featuring a lot more chrome than came from the factory, a pair of power bulges placed on top of the hood, enough driving lights to illuminate a soccer game, more mesh grills in the side skirts and of course a set of signature Carlsson rolling stock wrapped in high performance rubber.

Carlsson Mercedes GL RS

Never ones to leave well enough alone, the tuners at Carlsson have upgraded the GL500’s output thanks to an optimized engine electronics unit and a high flowing sport air filter. The engine now produces a total of 435 HP and 442 lb-ft of torque. The diesel powered GL 420 CDI has also been tuned to produce a maximum output of 354 HP and the GL 320 CDI has been raised to 269 HP.

If you are looking to add a significant amount of additional muscle, both aesthetically and performance wise, perhaps a Mercedes Benz GL dressed up with Carlsson’s RS-Kit is just what you are looking for to set you apart from ordinary GL drivers.

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German tuners Carlsson have just released this rendering of a very wicked 2010 Mercedes E-Class . The bold muscular lines are more appropriate for an SL65 Black Series than Benz’s midsize sedan. Everything from the blistered and vented fenders to the aggressive 20 inch 1/5 Revo Carlsson wheels makes a little more sense when the tuners announced that the E500 will have a CM50K compressor under the hood.

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Carlsson CK63S based on the Mercedes C63 AMG

The German tuners Carlsson specialize in modifying Mercedes products. Their latest creation the CK63S, which is built from a C63 AMG , combines high performance with upscale luxury. Up from the 460 HP offered from the factory, the Carlsson mechanics have extracted a total of 565 HP from the hand-built 6.3 liter V8.

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