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The Italian automaker Castagna revealed their new concept, the Fiat 500 Tender Two. Inspired by the Ghia-built Fiat 500 Jolly, an expensive beach car famous among the rich people in the early 60’s, the new Tender Two had its standard 500 powertrain replaced with a zero-emission electric unit. The doors, rear-seats, tailgate and rooftop have all been removed and the side sills have been reinforced in order to maintain the structural rigidity.

Fiat 500 Tender Two by Castagna

The new car features removable striped canvas roof-top complemented by the nautical themed teak wood that covers the cargo area and the top part of the side sills. The 500 Tender Two can reach the top speed of 81 mph and has a range of 87 miles.

Castagna announced the Aznom concept in march, but the first official images were unveiled only now. Based on the Corvette Z06, the Aznom concept is the image of an aggressively styled concept sports car which is firmly in the traditions of the revived carrozzeria.

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The exterior of this custom-built car, based on the Mini Cabrio, features new proportions and technical solutions. The car is streamlined, with a fixed-access compartment with anti-theft bars in place of the normal doors. Like in some luxury boats, the rear is lengthened by 70 cm to make a convenient ’working space’. A completely teak-clad ‘beach baby’ that can be “armed” to give you everything you need for your seafaring life. You can toss in your scuba equipment or your golf clubs, or just give (...)
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The Crossup is multi-purpose car. Its variable suspension system and new tyres make it suited to any kind of road surface. Fully extended its ground clearance is an impressive 25 cm, letting it take on an off-road path or travel safely on the highway with equal ease. A ’boot’ is added on, defining the exterior and forming a convenient pickup body, fully clad in scratch-resistant material. Spacious, key-locked compartments can hold the accessories best suited to the vehicle’s use. The handy, (...)

One of the great ironies of automotive lore is that the 1929 Wall Street collapse came just as coachbuilders were getting into a wildly elegant groove. Italian house Isotta-Fraschini and coachbuilder Castagna were right there with the most elegant.

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