Caterham R500 Superlight

After Caterham revealed the first teaser of the R500 Superlight here are the first official images and informations about the 500 kilos supercar.

The R500 Superlight is powered by a 2.0 liters Ford Duratec engine that delivers a maximum power of 263 hp at 8500 rpm. It will be offered as a standard option with a six-speed manual transmission and as an option with a sequential Quaife 6. Rumors say the 0-60 mph sprint will be made in under 3 seconds.

The R500 gets the CSR nose, aero wishbones, 13-inch anthracite wheels and clear lens tailamps. Pricing will start from 46.000 euro.


It’s just listed as the RS Seven in the review section, and it is in the Caterham news area (top right on the Caterham page) there’s a post about it selling out on 10/16.

I love the Caterhams for their raw power and elemental driving experience. They’ve been at it so long that I think they are the only people who could make a car from Colin Chapman lighter.

im surprised there’s nothing here yet about the rs levante super 7 , 500 bhp, 500kg (dont mention wheelspin to the caterham guys though)

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