Caterham Special Edition Seven by Lambretta

There seems to be a trend developing that joins the forces of the automotive world and the fashion world. Last week, we brought you the Fiat 500 Cabrio by Diesel and this week we have the pleasure of introducing a much different auto/fashion collaboration. This particular project involves a car that evolved from the Series 3 Lotus Seven designed by Colin Chapman; the Caterham Seven.

The Caterham Special Edition Seven was revealed today and is the product of a collaboration between Caterham and Lambretta Clothing, a famous British fashion company. The price for this special edition is £26,995.

The Lambretta Caterham Seven sportscar features a unique body paint: a combination of red, white and blue, based on the Union Jack. The same combination is used on the decals and livery, leather seats, dash, carpets and boot allowing for a proper homage to the heritage of the U.K.

Under the hood there is a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine delivering a total of 125 HP and mated to a five-speed gearbox.

Lambretta’s managing director, Rob Harmer explained: “Designing the exterior and interior of a car is an entirely different challenge to our core business of fashion and accessories, but there are clearly some shared philosophies between the two companies, which made this collaboration so exciting.”

We absolutely agree that there are tons of differences between the car industry and the fashion industry, but together, we can clearly see that they make a dynamic duo.


I have to agree with you Xanthias. I just hope that before they already put this one on market production they should boost first the engine on it, and I must say that I’m not either impressed with the exterior design on it.

The bad thing about special edition is that it doesn’t have a huge upgrade and modification. And the boost power of this car is not that impressive. The newer version looks great to me.

hmm. I don’t like this version but I like what they have debut recently. This one looks so vintage and not a good car to be compete with the KTM.

As a non-british I think this is more than a bit silly. It might be a nice arrival for a clown, though, even if it would be a bit impractical wearing a clown hat.

Yeah, I agree. If austin will replace his cooper he should look at this first.

This is a good replacement for Austin powers mini cooper. More fun and more elegant looking car.

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