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According to Caterham official web page the Superlight R500 will make its debut sometime during the spring. And... well this is all the informations that are offered. The rest is classified!

But considering the name "Superlight R500" we might think it will be a superlight version of the newly launched RS V8 that is powered by a 500 hp V8 engine.

But is better to wait and see, no?

Caterham and RS Performance joined their forces and created the Caterham RS Seven, the ultimate in bespoke Seven coachbuilding. It will be priced at £115,000 (dependent on specification).

The Caterham RS Seven will be powered by a 40-valve, 2.4 litre V8 engine that delivers an incredible 400bhp in normally aspirated mode, or over 500bhp as a supercharged variant, whilst weighing only 90kg in full running gear.

The unbridled lightness of the RST-V8 matched to the already featherweight Seven chassis delivers a power-to-weight ratio of over 1000bhp per tonne – more than double of a Bugatti Veyron.

Press release after the jump.

Caterham has unveiled the X330 Concept that will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The concept is a one-off supercharged model boasting a mind-boggling power-to-weight ratio of 600bhp per tonne. The X330 is based on the range-topping CSR Superlight, but Caterham added a supercharger four-cylinder 2.3 litre Ford Duratec engine that will increases power massively from 260 to 330bhp – as the name suggests.

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50th Anniversary Option Pack announced As part of its Golden Jubilee celebrations, the iconic Caterham Seven Caterham Seven can now be purchased with an exclusive Anniversary options pack. Available only on Caterhams ordered during 2007 and limited to just 50 units, owners will have the choice of two distinctive colour schemes, both featuring a striking gold motif. The colour options are Platinum Silver Metallic paint with a Gold/Black anniversary twin-stripe and noseband, or the reversed scheme with (...)
Caterham is pleased to announce an upgrade to the previously announced 140bhp Sigma engine. Caterham’s legendary Seven family is boosted next month (February) with the arrival of the brand-new 150 bhp Ford Sigma to deliver a rasping 270bhp per tonne for just £17,495. The arrival of the 150bhp variant of the two-seater marks a departure from Caterham Caterham ’s original plans when it first announced details of the replacement for the long-serving K-Series engines last autumn. The entry-level 125bhp (...)
Caterham Cars has confirmed that the Seven sportscar will be powered by Ford Sigma engines from the end of 2006. The adoption of a new engine from a global manufacturer coincides with the model’s 50th anniversary next year. Colin Chapman’s very first Seven back in 1957 drew its power from a Ford sidevalve engine, and whilst the 21st Century version of the British two-seater may be going back to its roots in name, that is certainly not the case in terms of performance. The 1.6-litre (...)

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