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  Celebrities and their fast and expensive cars' stories.

We’ve never had any delusions about the cinematic standing of the Fast and Furious franchise in our minds. The first one was awesome. The next two were horrible. And the last two have been all right.

But we don’t watch the movie because of Vin Diesel’s abnormally large pectorals or Paul Walker’s comical hitches; we watch the movie because of the cars. Yep. Those shiny, fast, and powerful co-stars that never seem to get the credit they deserve for being an integral part in turning the movies into a bona fide franchise.

The 6th installment of Fast and Furious is scheduled to hit cinemas in May, but as early as now, we’re being given hints of what to look out for when the movie opens.

We’ve already shown you the heavily customized GT-R that will appear in the movie. Now, it looks like Vin Diesel will once again take the wheel of an American muscle car in the form of a Dodge Charger Daytona . At least that’s according to the above screenshot, which is rumored to be from the upcoming trailer for the movie.

Can’t say we’re surprised about that choice, considering that Diesel’s character, Dom Torretto, seems to have a big preference for American muscle.

In addition to that bit of information, we’ve also learned that a trailer for Fast and Furious 6 — possibly the one the screenshot is from — will be shown during the Super Bowl. That’s something to look forward to, folks.

Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt

If Nissan was worried about the turnout for its recent GT-R Bolt Gold eBay auction, the amount the auction raised should quell all of those fears. At the end of the auction, which included the one-off ’Bolt Gold’ Nissan GT-R , a total of $193,191 was raised.

That’s an impressive haul if you ask us.

More importantly, all of the proceeds from the auction will be handed over to the Usain Bolt Foundation — a charitable organization founded by the Olympic star — in the hopes of providing educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in the athlete’s home country, Jamaica.

In addition to the Golden Godzilla, the auction also featured signed memorabilia from Bolt himself, including racing helmets, fire-proof suits, driving boots, and even t-shirts the man himself wore during a recent visit to Nissan’s test track in Japan.

As for the winning bidder of the Bolt Gold GT-R, it’s probably best to temper his excitement a little bit because the car won’t be delivered to his waiting arms until March 2013.

Justin Bieber is far from being anywhere near our list of favorite celebrities. So, why did we put him on our page? Well, the answer is quite simple: he is driving a Ferrari 458 Italia , even if he has no clue how to really drive it.

Just the cool car alone is not enough to plaster his boyish mug all over our site, so there has to be other reasons. In the first case, he got pulled over by the cops and turned out he had an expired registration. Today a video has emerged, showing him in full-"diva" effect.

Apparently, "The Bieb" was being followed by paparazzi in Los Angeles, and he wasn’t quite able to shake the media folk in his high-powered supercar. Justin decides to do the "mature" thing and confronts the paparazzi face to face.

Okay, we can appreciate the dude wants a little privacy, but the problem is that he blocked the entire road to do it. During this encounter there are horns blaring away in the background, as people are trying to get to work or maybe their Botox appointments. Beiber just sits there in his white 458 Italia discussing his driving habits. Wow, what a piece of work...

On an aside, the paparazzi guy said Bieber was "driving a little crazy," but he seemed to be driving rather grandma-like in his 562-horsepower supercar.

Even at an early age, Justin Bieber’s taste in cars is impeccable. Sure, he’s got the finances to buy just about whatever piece of automotive awesomeness he wants to call his own, but it’s still worth noting that “The Bieb” has a good idea of what cars are worth.

On the flip side, being famous doesn’t excuse you from abiding by the rules. Apparently, Bieber’s new ride, the Ferrari 458 Italia , drew plenty of attention recently and it’s not for the right reasons.

According to TMZ, JB was pulled over for making an unsafe left turn. Things were compounded when the police officer who stopped the artist discovered that his registration was expired. Talk about getting double a whammy.

We’re pretty sure that Bieber can pay for whatever amount the violation cost him. It just goes to show that even if you seemingly have the entire teenage girl population at your command, you’re still at the mercy of the long arm of the law.

Photo courtesy of Need via Celebrity Cars Blog

Source: TMZ

After three successful movies as the witty and fast-twitching Sam Witwicky, Shia Labeouf will no longer be part of the fourth Transformers movie, handing over the reins to Mark Wahlberg, according director Michael Bay.

The fourth movie of the blockbuster franchise is set to be released on June 27, 2014. While it will still be focused on the never-ending robotic slugfest between the Autobots and the Decepticons, news of Wahlberg taking Labeouf’s place as the main human character appears to suggest that the franchise is headed in a different direction.

It’s still billed as a sequel to the Dark of the Moon, although much of what we’ve come to know about the three movies is set to receive a major shake-up now that Sam Witwicky and his nervous twitches will no longer be around to entertain us.

As far as the robots are concerned, there hasn’t been an announcement on any new cars that will be part of the fourth movie, and if this fourth installment is going to be set as a sequel to the last movie, we’re expecting the star Autobots - Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, to be exact - to return in their normal guise.

As always, every Transformers movie has new cars added to it. So we don’t expect anything less from the fourth movie. Maybe a throw down between a Lamborghini Aventador Autobot and a McLaren MP4-12C Decepticon is in order?

For those old enough to have witnessed the glory that was "Robocop" in theaters, you not only got to see an ultra-modern, crime-fighting machine, but you also got to see one of the most modern American cars of the era. That’s right, back in 1986, the Ford Taurus with its rounded body and fuel-injected V-6 was actually one of the most modern-looking and driving cars manufactured in the U.S. Sure, it fell by the wayside as the years went on, but nearly everyone that was around and not busy watching "Alf" or "Back to The Future" I through III still recalls the fanfare that the first-gen Taurus received.

There was so much fanfare that it managed to weasel its way into a supporting role as Alex J. Murphy’s car of choice. Well, the Taurus is once again one of the more modern American cars of its time, particularly the SHO model, and there is now a remake of "Robocop" in production. So we now have the perfect setup for a reunion of the two, and that looks to be what is going on, thanks to the savvy camera work of one person.

Above we have a late-model Taurus or what looks to be the SHO variety caught out in the open wearing obvious Robocop-esque duds. Could it possibly be that the "Robocop" of 2013 or 2014 will whip the same model its predecessor did in 1987? It looks mighty possible to us.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available about this new "Robocop" car.

Recently, the world’s fastest man - Usain Bolt - stopped at Nissan ’s GranDrive testing track and Yokohama headquarters where he tested the GT-R . After his little test drive, he was so impressed with the car that Nissan decided to build him a special GT-R painted in gold. This unique GT-R will be auctioned to raise funds for the kids.

This special GT-R features Bolt’s signature embossed on it and comes with a number of trim pieces finished in real gold. The auction will be held on eBay and full details will be announced at the end of October.

When talking about the experience he had with the GT-R, Bolt said: "it was wonderful. We came in and we had a lead car, and we were trying to push him to go faster in the GT-R, and he kept on pushing and pushing until he decided that he was going to just go past him. So, we had a good time coming in. It was exciting for me. Today at the track, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I really enjoyed it. I tested two different types of GT-Rs – a sports one and a more luxury one. So, for me, it was really exciting. I can’t explain, it was just joy for me because I like speed and I really enjoy driving fast. So for me to be in the GT-R, as safe as I know it is, and to go as fast as I can go was a wonderful feeling."

Subaru BRZ

The sixth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, aptly titled "Fast 6," will see the return of franchise mainstays Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. It’ll also have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it. Clearly, there’s no lack of Hollywood star power in the movie.

But if there’s one thing the Fast & Furious franchise has shown us, the artists aren’t the only stars in the movie; the cars play a pretty important role too. We saw that in the last movie when a pair of Dodge Chargers took over the latter parts of the movie.

For Fast 6, producers have turned to Subaru to have its new sports car, the BRZ , play a starring role in the film. In response, the Japanese automaker sent over five BRZs to the set, all of which will probably be beaten to oblivion during the course of filming.

Starring in such a high-profile blockbuster like Fast 6 could end up being a huge marketing coup for the BRZ, especially if it appears decked in full-tricked out glory, akin to what you expect to see in a movie that’s heavily influenced in the aftermarket auto scene.

Fast Six is set to hit theaters on May 24, 2013. Here’s to hoping the BRZ gets enough camera shine in the film!

As car buffs, we all can’t help but be extremely jealous of Jay Leno. Not only does he have a collection of cars that most automotive museums would crave, but he also gets to drive some of the rarest cars in the world. This time around, he gets to drive the rarest version of one of the rarest cars in the world.

The Lexus LFA only saw a total of 500 examples built and that’s no mas. To boot, all 500 examples were never touched by anyone during the entire manufacturing and testing phase, as they all were required to wear gloves during the whole process. The 500th example of the LFA just so happens to be the only production LFA that lacks a key component: a roof.

Yes, this one-of-a-kind LFA is a real-life spyder. Not one that has a folding roof, a removable hard top, or even a rag top; it has no roof at all. So when you have a one-off model of a 500-model production car that no one in the production process is allowed to touch, what should you do the second it rolls off of the production line? Let Jay Leno beat the hell out of it at Fuji Speedway, of course.

Not only is the video awesome because Jay gets us a behind-the-scenes look at the manufacturing process, but you also get a good listen to the sweet sound of that 552-horsepower V-10 working hard. So what does Jay really think about the LFA now that he’s gotten it on the track and felt all the goodness that makes up this Lexus supercar. You’ll have to check out the above video to see.

International recording artist and Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull, recently put his design hat on to customize a 2013 Dodge Dart which was part of a sweepstakes at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

The car, called the Dodge Dart iHeart, received Pitbull’s full design touches, which as you might expect, centered on his own style. You know the classic Pitbull ensemble, right? Tailored suit, classic sunglasses, and the contrasting pin stripes; the Dart iHeart was designed to be an extension of Pitbull’s top level swag.

The Dart iHeart is highlighted by a high contrast matte white exterior and black roof, a custom set of 18" liquid graphite aluminum wheels, a black and pear white leather and suede interior, the addition of a new hood scoop and rear spoiler, and the artful use of metals that not only evoke Pitbull’s classic style, but also add a dose of mystery to the compact sedan.

So who took home the Dodge Dart iHeart? A man named Jack Walters from New York, who personally took the keys to his brand new, one-off ride from the hands of Pitbull himself.

Jack Walters is a lucky man.

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