Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo

  The Chevrolet Aveo, aka the Daewoo Kalos, Holden Barina, Pontiac G3, and many others, is the company's subcompact car. Available as a three-door hatchback, four-door sedan, and five-door hatchback, the Aveo has a sportier look than that of its Asian competitors. The small car is powered by a 1.6L I-4 engine producing108hp and 104 lb-ft of torque. This engine can be mated to either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Sonic

We all understand that the European market was the first to really get nailed with high gas prices. They were paying over $5 per gallon while the U.S. market still was just cresting the $2 per gallon mark. This forced the European market to start accepting smaller and less desirable vehicles in hopes of getting better economy, while folks in the States continued to drive Hummers and other large SUVs.

Now that gas is hitting $4 per gallon, the U.S. buyers are starting to become more receptive to smaller cars with upwards of 40 mpg capabilities and hybrids cresting the 50 mpg mark. However, we are still left out in one market, the ultra economic clean diesels. The latest one is the 2012 Chevrolet Aveo , which is known as the Sonic in the U.S.

In the U.S., the highest mpg available on the Sonic is 40 mpg and that is the optional 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, which we have our doubts if any normal driver can actually hit 40 mpg in this car. In the U.K., the Aveo has several four-cylinder engine options, including a 1.2-liter gasoline, 1.3-liter diesel, 1.3-liter Eco Diesel, and a 1.4-liter. The highway fuel economy on these engines is 68.9 mpg, 83.1 mpg, 85.6 mpg, and 62.7 mpg, respectively.

None of these engines would make the Sonic a speed demon, like the relatively quick Sonic LTZ and its 1.4-liter turbo engine, but will Chevy ever bring these engine options to the U.S. market? We understand that diesel fuel is not as readily available as regular gasoline, but they certainly give the U.S. buyer an option other than hybrid or electric, which have technologies that could end up requiring rather pricy repairs in the future.

We’re not singling out Chevy here, as Ford has its ECOnetic system getting 65+ mpg in a Ford Fiesta . Our best Fiesta gets an arguable 40 mpg on the highway. Seemingly every car company has a super-Eco diesel engine in its European lineup, but we have yet to see one in the U.S. We think the time has come for one to show up.

Source: Chevrolet U.K.
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GM has started building the subcompact Chevy Sonic at their Orion Hills, MI plant. The upcoming Chevrolet Sonic may be small in size, but the automaker has huge plans for the subcompact car, which replaces the forgettable Korean-built Chevy Aveo in its lineup. Chevy has gone to great lengths to promote the Sonic, despite the fact that it won’t hit dealer showrooms until sometime this fall.

Like the Aveo, the Sonic was developed in South Korea; unlike the Aveo, the Sonic will be built in the United States. GM is quick to point out that the Sonic is the only subcompact from a domestic manufacturer built in this country. If you count the Fiat 500 as being from Chrysler, it’s built at their plant in Toluca, Mexico. Ford’s Fiesta also comes from south of the border, and is assembled at the Ford plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

The Sonic began production at Chevy’s Orion Township, MI plant today, justifying some $500 million in upgrades that GM has spent on the facility, which also builds the Buick Verano . At launch, Chevy will offer the Sonic at a base price of $14,495, which makes it slightly more expensive than a base Ford Fiesta. Opt for the 1.4-liter turbo engine, and the price goes up by $700. If you want the range-topping LTZ version in hatchback form, that price starts at $17,235.

Chevy has alluded to the Sonic’s handling, referencing its direct DNA link to the Chevrolet Corvette . We’re struggling to make the connection between a front-engine, front-drive subcompact and one of America’s premier sports cars, but we’ll give Chevy some latitude, at least until we have a chance to drive the Sonic.

Chevrolet is officially removing the Aveo nameplate on their B-segment car and will be re-christening it the ‘Sonic’. If you recall, the 2011 Aveo first made its appearance at the Paris Motor Show a few months ago bearing the ‘Aveo’ name. But according to Chevrolet, models that are going to be sold in North America and Mexico will now be called Sonic whereas the Aveo name will be retained in other parts of the world.

In a press release, Chris Perry, Chevrolet’s vice president of US marketing, said, “The Sonic represents a new beginning for Chevrolet in the small car segment and so we felt it was time to give it a new name."

"The new car is roomy, stylish and fun to drive, and Sonic is a youthful, energetic name that helps convey what this vehicle is about."

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According to a recent report,Chevrolet is considering a crossover based on the redesigned Aveo. This has to be one of the funniest sounding vehicles since the Nissan Murano Convertible , which is actually being made. That must mean that this will be made as well. Oh no.

We don’t have many details at this time, but according to AutoCar, the crossover will ride on a stretched out Aveo platform and with front-wheel drive as standard. Of course, if you need that extra security, all-wheel drive is an option.

The styling will be similar to what you’d find on most new Chevrolets, but the interior will get improved quality. The crossover will get Opel switchgear and a new high-tech digital display, although the ‘dual cockpit’ design will remain.

There will be an Opel version offered as well, although GM has promised not to badge-engineer.

We could see this new model as early as 2012.

Source: Autocar
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It’s not often we get things right when we make jokes, but we did say that we thoughtChevrolet should change the name of the new Aveo . After all, the last one really was terrible.

We completely agree with this rumor, as separating this new model with the last one can only help sales. Take the new Cruze for instance. If it had been called the redesigned Cobalt , would it have gotten the attention it’s currently getting?

The new Aveo will be built at GM’s Orion plant, which it recently renovated. Along with the new Aveo, Buick’s small premium car, the Verano, will be built there as well. It will be the first small car built by the company in over 20 years and will be based off of the Cruze. In total, these two new vehicles could help save up to 1,500 jobs which could be extremely helpful in the current economy.

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After the Aveo RS concept unveiled at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet has unveiled the first details on the new Aveo hatchabck. The official debut will be made at the Paris Auto Show and sales will begin in 2011. The hatchback version will be followed by a sedan next summer.

The new Aveo features a new aggressive looking front with exposed twin-headlamps and dual port grille, compact taut body panels with a rising shoulder line and short rear overhangs, and ’hidden’ rear door handles. The interior features a motorcycle-inspired instrument binnacle which features an analogue tachometer combined with a digital speedo and warning lights.

Under the hood Chevrolet will place a wide range of four cylinder petrol and diesel engines, including two 1.2 liter versions (at 70 hp and at 86hp), a 1.4 liter unit (100 hp) and a 1.6 liter (115hp) and two versions of a 1.3 liter diesel engine (at 75 hp and at 95 hp) featuring Start/Stop technology.

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The American automaker Chevrolet is taking a few cues from their European compacts with the all new Aveo RS that will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Looking like something about to turn into an autobot, the very special sport compact gives the bowtie’s smallest offering a high performance kick in the pants.

Painted in Boracay Blue, the Aveo RS if full of global GM design cues like a dual element front grill, round tail lamps and flared fenders; but at the same time adding aggression with a low hanging big mouth front bumper an fog lights pushed to either side of the fascia. The rest of the exterior is highlighted by a set of 19 inch five spoke rims finished in gun metal metallic finish. Out back the integrated hatch spoiler continues the roof lines, the rear clusters are filled with LEDs and a a center mounted twin tip exhaust finishes off the sporty compact.

The interior of the Aveo RS offers a whole new look at the way instruments are laid out with the lage round tachometer off to the left with a large multifunction display next to it on the right. The rest of the inside is dressed up with a combination of matte and gloss black trim pieces as well as matching blue stiching on the leather wrapped pieces. Under the hood Chevrolet Chevrolet has placed the same engine found in the current Cruze, a 1.4 Liter four cylinder turbocharged Ecotec motor making 138 HP mated to a slick shifting six speed manual transmission. Chevy claims that this is a nod at future Aveos and with an sportier version of Ford’s Fiesta coming in a year or two, youth inspire fun designs like these might just be what GM needs to get back on top.

Updated 12/01/10: Chevrolet today unveiled the Aveo RS at the Detroit Auto Show. Check out the presentation video!

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In a recent press conference held in Detroit, the great American automaker General Motors announced their lineup for the 2010 North American International Auto Show. The stage will be set for the unveiling of the all new Chevrolet Aveo , the drop top Camaro Convertible muscle car as well as the Chevy Orlando small van. The new Aveo will be nothing more than a modified version of the hatchback Aveo with a few go fast parts bolted on to demonstrate what tuners will be able to do with the new entry level subcompact economy car. As expected, the production version of the Camaro Convertible will stay true to the concept and the Orlando concept will feature a fully finished exterior that promises to be production ready.

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Value is the current buzzword in car buying. As belts are tightening, we are going to take a long look at our economy cars like our Chevrolet Aveo5.

Purchasing an economy car has three distinct benefits. First good gas mileage means that not only are they inexpensive to buy but also inexpensive to run. The second advantage is the warranty that comes with a new car. Another advantage is being the first owner of a vehicle – there may be larger, slightly used vehicles at the same price point, but the owners are unknown.

Economy cars have a social standing that sometimes have people convinced that those who buy one made their decision on price only. They can sometimes be viewed as basic transportation, which gives them little social stature. So the idea with an ideal economy car is not only to spend as little as possible, but also have the appearance that it cost a lot more. That’s how value is measured in an economy car, and that’s how we equipped our Chevrolet Aveo5.

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Okay, we are only going after interesting cars on TopSpeed (and the Chevy Aveo would usually have about as much of a chance of qualifying as appealing as Santa not leaving me a large lump of coal this year,) but take a look at these stick-ons for the Middle East’s Aveo5. It may not qualify for appealing, but the stick-on flame job sure is interesting.

Chevrolet Aveo5 debuts in the Middle East

Even more impressive (depressive) is the tuck-n-roll red leather interior that tries to make this econobox look like a 57 Bel Air.

So if an Aveo can make it into our car news, maybe I can finally expect that Triumph TR4 in my stocking.

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