Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

  The pony car wars are still in full force and the Chevrolet Camaro is on the forefront of every battle. The seasoned muscle car boasts a muscular exterior with sleek lines and a powerful engine mounted behind that familiar face. The rear-wheel drive Chevrolet Camaro is powered by a 3.6L V6 engine delivering 304hp and 273 lb-ft of torque, but the better choice is found in the 6.2L V8 engine cranking out 400/426hp and 410/420lb-ft of torque. These engines are mated to either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Chevrolet is offering its customers the possibility to customize models like the Camaro ZL1 , 1LE and COPO with a series of new components offered by the 2013 Chevrolet Performance catalog. These new components include a host of production-based performance and suspension parts, plus a new boost-ready LSX376-15 crate engine that delivers a total of 1,000 horsepower.

For the ZL1, Chevrolet is offering racing-style, two-piece, 14.6-inch front rotors and 6-piston Brembo calipers with aluminum housings and 14-inch rear rotors with 4-piston aluminum calipers. Also offered is a short-throw shifter, a high-volume fuel pump and a low-restriction air filter element.

The 1LE gets a complete suspension kit, including: larger-diameter stabilizer bars, strut tower brace, 3.91-to-1 ratio gear set and unique PCV valve.

The COPO version can be ordered with as a body in white from the catalog. Also available for the COPO version is a unique composite hood and a series of provisions for mounting a solid rear axle. The most incredible component is a new LSX376-B8 crate engine that delivers up to 1,000 horsepower, thanks to the addition of new forged steel crankshaft, forged rods and forged pistons.

The Chevrolet Camaro is maybe one of the sexiest models currently available on the market and it has been ever since it debuted in 1966. Despite its already-stout looks and performance, the folks at Magnat have optimized the Camaro in terms of its look, its sound, and its performance, and turned it into a sick show car.

We will start with the work made under the hood. Beneath the bonnet, the tuner installed a performance kit by the Wimmer Racing Engineering, remapped the ECU, and optimized the air induction. All these, along with the addition of a new stainless-steel exhaust system, pushed the total output up to 451 horsepower and 439 pound-feet of torque at 4,300 rpm. Since this is the automatic-transmission-equipped Camaro SS, which has a detuned 6.2-liter V-8 engine, the upgrades are good for a 51-horsepower and 29-pound-feet increase over the factory numbers. Top speed has been increased to 170 mph and we’re sure it’s significantly quicker to 60 mph than it was from the factory.

The car sits on a set of 22-inch wheels combined with Yokohama Advan Sport tires measuring 265/30ZR22 at the front and 295/25ZR22 at the rear axle.

On the inside, the tuner added high-quality leather and Alcantara, and an Audiovox VME 9520NAV audio system. It includes navigation, Bluetooth hands-free system, iPod and iPhone control, DVD, and steering-wheel-mounted controls. The audio system features a 2-way component front system, coaxial rear system, two 30 cm subwoofers and digital amplifiers that transform this Camaro into a rolling concert hall — a super-fast, rolling concert hall.

This is definitely not Nelson Racing Engines’ first tuning package based on a Chevrolet Camaro . If you remember, the company unveiled an awesome 1,500-horsepower upgrade package for a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro . This latest kit, however, puts the earlier one to shame.

It’s not superior just because it delivers an extra 500 horsepower, but also because it is based on a 1969 Camaro . For those of you who do not remember, the 1969 Camaro developed a "modest" output of 140 - 430 horsepower, depending on the model. The folks over Nelson have found a solution to push its output to an outlandish 2,000 horsepower. For this Nelson installed an NRE Billet Blackout Series twin-turbo intercooled 572-cubic-inch big-block Chevy crate engine with dual fuel injectors per cylinder. The package also includes a 304 stainless NRE exhaust with with x-pipe and an aluminum dual-row dual-pass radiator with twin high-output electric fans to help keep things cool.

The engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox that send power to the ground via a Strange 9-inch rear end with nodular case and 35-spline axles. The tuner also installed a new front suspension with adjustable coil-over shocks and a set of custom wheels.

The car is painted a beautiful midnight black and on the inside it has custom low-back seats wrapped in leather, a full 1,000-watt sound system and a Vintage Air climate control system.

Livernois Motorsports isn’t a household name by any stretch of the imagination, but with its program for the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 , they just might as well be.

See, the American tuner didn’t see anything wrong with the ZL1, except that 580 horsepower just wasn’t cutting it. So it created a program for the muscle car, flipping those first two digits and creating a car that produced a staggering 850 horsepower at the crank – 707 horsepower at the rear wheels – with a 1/4-mile time of just 9.87 seconds while hitting a top speed of 142 mph.

So how’d they do it? By building a comprehensive performance program.

The highlights of he program are the company’s very own components list, which includes CNC LSA cylinder heads, Stage-2C high-lift cam shafts, LSA head studs, an exclusive heat exchanger, and a solid supercharger coupler. From there, Livernois Motorsports also installed a new supercharger pulley, an exclusive steel idler relocation bracket with Metco pulleys, spec’d injectors, and a dual fuel pump upgrade.

On top of all that, Livernois also took various parts and components from other brands to complete the program. That’s hardly surprising, as commissioning parts from other suppliers is a common practice in the industry. In the case of the program for the ZL1, Livernois added an oversized crank pulley ring from Metco, an oversized balancer from Innovators West, a cold air intake from Rotofab, spark plugs from NGK, and long tube headers and a connection pipe from Stainless Works.

Inside, the upgrades continue with the addition of custom leather seats, a five-point racing harness, an RPM roll cage, a Scorsche kit, a Kenwood navigation system, an in-car video surveillance system, innovated boost and A/F gauges, and a 2,500-watt MTX audio system.

The Chevrolet Camaro has seen just as many tuning packages as the Ford Mustang, so these two primes examples of muscle car goodness are always trying to take the lead for supremacy. Chevy has already introduced some examples of the Mustang at the 2012 SEMA Show and LINE-X Protective Coatings in cooperation with West Coast Customs are releasing yet one more. Their package is based on a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro 1SS Coupe.

The new Camaro Line-X received the new announced LINE-X Body Armour in "West Coast Customs Blue," as well as a series of exterior updates to add aggression to muscle. These include a performance hood and prototype front fascia and spoiler, rocker panels by Street Scene Equipment, an SLP rear wing, and, of course, a new set of LINE-X coated wheels by Asanti.

The interior is even more impressive with Roadwire Retro leather and fabric accents, plus a new audio system.

Under the hood, the guys at West Coast Customs opted to modify the stock headers with SLP High Performance Headers and added a SLP Supercharger System. The last element was a new performance-based custom dual high flow exhaust package.

Chevrolet took a little longer than we’re used to unveil their SEMA -bound Camaro programs, but now that they have, we’re not complaining about what they’re bringing to Las Vegas.

One of the Camaros that will undoubtedly get the attention of the crowd at SEMA is the Tony Stewart-designed Camaro ZL1 . Jaw-dropping might be selling it short.

First off, the Camaro was treated to a unique metallic gray paint scheme with matching red tribal Smoke graphics in flat red and silver pinstripes. It kind of feels like this muscle car captured the true essence of Stewart’s nickname "Smoke." In addition to the fancy colors and fancier decals, the Stewart-designed Camaro ZL1 also gets red tinted headlamp lenses, red Camaro halo lights, and a personalized set of wheels that have been touched up in a Piano Black finish and red accents.

Moving to the interior, the highlight of the program includes suede door panel inserts and instrument panel wrapping with laser-etched details, Jet Black leather door arm rests with matching French accent stitching and white piping, Jet Black suede leather-wrapped steering wheel with scarlet accent stitching, piano black trim plates, and a gauge cluster bezel.

There’s no stopping Smoke’s Camaro ZL1 from becoming one of SEMA’s showstoppers. It’s already captured our hearts. When it rolls out in Vegas, we’re confident that it’s going to steal a whole lot more of ’em.

GM and Hot Wheels go together a little bit like succotash and steak, so it is no surprise to see them joining up in several ways as we enter into SEMA. First, we caught a glimpse of the beautiful package the two put together that you can actually buy, the 2013 Camaro Hot Wheels Edition , and now we get to see a one-off collaboration between the two.

Back when Hot Wheels first came out, one of its first cars was a 1967 “Custom Camaro ” and that actually remains one of the most sought after Hot Wheels models to date. In fact, this 1:64 scale model of the Camaro goes for as much as $1,250 in its white enamel paint job. Now Chevy is prepared to pay tribute to the die-cast model by releasing a full-size variant.

GM, of course, could not make the life-sized model look identical to the die-cast Hot Wheels car, as the proportions were not accurate and the overall styling would be really silly. So we’ll chock this up as a close rendition that pays tribute to the legendary kid’s toy.

Click past the jump to read all about the 1967 Camaro Hot Wheels Concept.

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For people who are big fans of the first generation Chevy Camaro, which served as the source of inspiration for the current gens retro design, Lingenfelter has unveiled a new body-kit that will transform the look of the current Camaro , bringing it close enough to the original look and feel of the ’69 Camaro .

Called the Retrokit, it pays homage to the old-school Camaro by adding in elements found in that generation. From the grille with the proud SS badge in the center to the twin stripes that run across the body to the 19 inch alloys; all these features are reminiscent to the old and retro ’69 Camaro. Along with the design changes, the kit comes with a new set of headlights, bumpers, and a new spoiler. In short, this kit lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Retrokit can be ordered in two options - Base and RS, with the latter featuring a extra set of lights below the grille. The base price of the Retrokit starts at $6,850, while the RS kit costs a slightly higher $8,150. This a do-it-yourself kit, but for those who can’t take care of the build, Lingenfelter will install the kit at a price of $8,550 for the base and $9,750 for the RS.

Is this a kit Camaro fans will appreciate or will it be considered not cool enough when compared to the likes of the 2012 S.E.M.A examples already featured?

Growing up as car junkies, we all played with Hot Wheels at some point in our lives – some of us actually still do. Yeah, Hot Wheels pretty much recreated every car under the sun in miniature form, but we only really wanted the cool ones. You know, the Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, etc.

Now that we are all big boys and girls, playing with Hot Wheels cars really isn’t in the cards – at least it’s not necessarily accepted. That is until Chevy and Hot Wheels got together and created a special edition Camaro , dubbed the 2013 Camaro Hot Wheels Edition. For the most part, the Hot Wheels Edition is purely an aesthetic thing, but with the Camaro’s impressive performance across the board, a few extra goodies on the inside and outside is good enough for most of us.

The new Hot Wheels Edition is the first full-size, production Hot Wheels car offered for sale by any manufacturer. It will be available in both coupe and convertible versions and will be offered for 2LT and 2SS trims. Production will begin in early 2013 and the price for the package is $6,995.

UPDATE 11/19/12: The Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition is headed to the UK with a price tag already set for both the manual and automatic transmission. Find out how much the prices are after the jump.

To read all about the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition, click past the jump.

You folks remember Paul Teutal Jr., right? The man formerly associated with Orange County Choppers is a household name in the aftermarket scene, and while he’s now detached himself with the company he co-founded, Paul Jr. still knows what it to takes to build an awesome custom project.

So Paul Jr. opted to leave the choppers in the shed and took the challenge of customizing a Chevrolet Camaro. Together with the folks of Trans American Muscle, Paul Jr. Designs built a really ill program for the American muscle car.

The custom sheet metal paneling comes as no surprise given Paul Jr.’s background. The program also has a custom hot rod black paint in matte finish and copper with matching Paul Jr. Designs emblems on it. There are also custom door sills, copper numbering badges, aircraft rivets, and a new set of 22" Ritorno Forgiato Wheels.

Far be it for Paul Jr. to modify the Camaro’s exterior and interior, he certainly didn’t leave behind the muscle car’s engine credentials. The conversion kit comes with a whole lot of modifications, highlighted by a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger fitted to the muscle car’s LS3 V8, SLP sub-frame connectors and exhaust featuring an X-Pipe. No mention of how much increased output was done to the Camaro, but knowing Paul Jr. and Trans American Muscle’s reputations, we expect nothing less than a mouthful of added ponies.

The latter will build 77 of these bad boys, each coming with an aircraft-style and aerospace theme. But before it hits Domani Motor Cars as an exclusive model, this custom-tuned Camaro made an appearance at the 2012 Daytona Bike Week, which ran from October 9th - October 18th.

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