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Chevrolet Monte Carlo

  Chevrolet Monte Carlo

We all hate what Chevy did to the Monte Carlo following its axing after the 1988 model year. 1988 was the final year for the “Manly” Monte, if you can call a 180-horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 “Manly.” Most of its testosterone came from its throaty V-8 exhaust note and relatively edgy look, when fitted with the SS package.

In 1995, the Monte Carlo essentially came back as a two-door version of the Lumina. It was fattened to extreme proportions in 2000, as Chevy attempted to make this neutered muscle car somewhat resemble its earlier muscular years without adding any real muscle to it. Apparently, some people see these circa-2000 Monte Carlos as disposable machines, as one man decided to turn his into a V-6-powered missile, then launching it into General Motors’ headquarters, also known as the Renaissance Center for a reason unknown to us.

According to reports by witnesses, the driver, donning all black clothing, lined up the car perfectly with the revolving front door. After sitting there for a short period of time, the driver punched the gas on this flabby, 180-horsepower coupe and smashed into the revolving front door. GM was likely pretty happy that the driver chose this car as his weapon of choice, as its 8-second 0-to-60 mph time greatly limited the damage done and the automotive giant expects the damage to be as good as new in just a day.

There is no motive yet behind the kamikaze Monte Carlo driver, but the police do have the suspect in custody and are questioning him. With the craziness that is happening these days, the possible motives are endless. We’ll let you know why exactly this man chose to plow his beloved Chevy into GM’s headquarters once we learn the motive.

If you want to order a Chevrolet Monte Carlo Chevrolet Monte Carlo , you need to hurry up, because May 4th will be the final day you can order a new Monte Carlo. Production will cease on June 20, 2007. Chevrolet is making room in it’s lineup for the highly anticipated new Malibu, due in October and the new Camaro due sometime in 2009. A new family of premium-feature V-6 engines is available in LS, LT and LTZ models, including a 211-horsepower (157 kw) 3500 3.5L V-6 and an available 3900 3.9L V-6 that uses (...)
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Like the Impala SS, the Monte Carlo SS is equipped with the high-performance 5.3L small-block V-8, which was engineered specifically for front-drive applications. The Monte Carlo SS also includes unique exterior styling that is inspired by its NASCAR heritage.

The aggressively styled 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo heats up the sizzling mid-car segment with enhanced premium-quality features, racing-inspired styling, a new family of powerful engines, as well as thoughtful attention to detail. A new look for the front and rear fascias - including bold headlamps and taillamps - is complemented by revised suspension systems that deliver comfortable, quiet and more confident ride and handling characteristics. These new ingredients improve on an already popular recipe for driving satisfaction.

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