Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet unveiled the Orlando concept at the 2008 Paris Auto Show two years ago. This concept was their first seven-seat multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), and now, at the same show, the company will unveil the production version Orlando. Sales in Europe will begin in early 2011.

The production version will receive a lower roofline and a crossover inspired silhouette, but it will also get a recognizable Chevrolet ’face’ that is illustrated by the split radiator grille and bow-tie badge. The interior of the car will also feature a Corvette inspired dual cockpit and ambient blue backlighting in the center console.

Under the hood there will be a choice of three of Chevrolet’s latest fuel efficient engines: a 1.8 liter gasoline engine with power output of 141 hp and two diesel units, the latest version of Chevrolet’s 2.0 liter engine with outputs of 131hp (low output) or 163 hp (high output).

Updated 10/01/2010: Chevrolet has just debuted the Orlando, a vehicle that won’t in the United States any time soon. General Motors once said that the vehicle would be making the trip overseas, but that didn’t work out so well. Still, a smaller minivan never hurt anybody and the Europeans sure do love these things. The Orlando uses a seven-seat configuration and a few Eco-friendly motors. The first is a 141 horsepower 1.8-liter petrol four-cylinder and the other two are diesel motors with either 131 or 163 horsepower. The interior is function and not to bad to look at. It uses stadium seating to give third row occupants a nice view of the road ahead, not that most adults could fit back there. With the rear seats up, it appears that there is little cargo room to speak of. The Orlando is scheduled to go on sale this month.

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Chevrolet unveiled today at the Paris Auto Show the Orlando Concept, a seven-seat multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with distinctive sport-utility-like design, adaptable seating and impressive interior space.

Chevrolet Orlando

Chevrolet Orlando cuts a distinctive silhouette, replacing conventional monocab proportions with a more defined contrast between the hood and windshield lines. With flared fenders instead of a flat side-body, Orlando has a muscular stance that gives it the appearance of a sport utility vehicle, yet it offers dynamic ride and handling, excellent fuel efficiency and easy entry thanks to its car-based architecture.

Chevrolet Orlando

Inside, the five-door Orlando is designed to meet the needs of families and those who need plenty of seating capacity with adaptable, theater-style seating in three rows that comfortably accommodate up to seven occupants. Whenever load carrying becomes a priority, the spacious cabin can be quickly transformed into a large cargo area. A generous 2,760 mm wheelbase and wide front and rear tracks provide Orlando with outstanding interior roominess.

Chevrolet’s latest-generation, 2.0-liter turbo diesel, developing 150 hp and 320 Nm of torque, provides a powerful and efficient powertrain.

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The Chevrolet Orlando Concept is GM’s future for the small MPV in Europe. Since first hearing about this car last month, we’ve only been given a few images about the Cruze based vehicle. Now a bunch of new images revealing more of the shape of the Orlando Concept were released. Hopefully some part of the cool LED lightning system will make into production.

Chevrolet Orlando Concept photos emerge on the internet

The Orlando likely to be powered by the latest 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine capable to develop 150 hp. Hopefully that will be enough to keep brisk performance when the car is carry its maximum seven. More details will likely be available after the car’s official unveiling at the Paris Motor Show.

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Chevrolet will unveil at the Paris Auto Show the Orlando . The small, seven-seat crossover wagon was supposed to be sold on the US market. GM recently has suspended plans to build it and instead plans to bring another small car to the U.S. from Asia.

The canceled Chevrolet vehicle, code named the "Delta MPV7," was originally intended to be built in Hamtramck, Michigan plant where the Cruze will be built. The MPV, or multipurpose vehicle, would have been based on GM’s compact-car architecture but would have been capable of seating seven people. The vehicle will still be built for markets outside North America, such as Europe, where smallish MPVs are more popular.

Source: WSJ

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