Chevrolet Sonic

Chevrolet Sonic

Chevrolet’s Super Bowl ad for the Volt was a little weird - and that’s putting it lightly.

But they certainly made up for it with this cute and funny ad for the Sonic , featuring bugs and insects of all kinds. Taking a stab at all those times when insects get wiped out by grilles, headlights, and wiper blades, Chevrolet decided to address this ad and put a creative spin on it: insects actually having some fun while riding a car.

Even one insect - we actually don’t know what it is - even gets slammed into the grille and bellows out a joyful scream like he had just ridden an intense roller coaster!

If insects were an actual market segment in the industry, this commercial will certainly shoot up sales in that demographic. But even if they aren’t, it’s still a pretty funny ad that will make you chuckle some.

And considering some of the ads that we’ve seen during the Game, chuckles have been hard to come by. That in itself is a victory for Chevrolet.

Source: Chevrolet

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to do some of the most breathtaking activities in this world. The Chevrolet Sonic managed to do all of those things in a span of a minute.

Editing notwithstanding, Chevrolet’s new Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic reads like a bucket list for a lot of people. There’s the sight of the Sonic doing a kick flip skateboard trick with Rob Dyrdek. The Sonic also went bungee jumping, sky diving, and yes, even star in a music video with OK GO. The only thing it didn’t do was get strapped into a spaceship and fly - literally - out of this world, which it probably could’ve done if Chevy had a bigger budget for this ad.

The whole idea behind this ad is to live life with no limits, something the Sonic exudes in its tiny compact frame.

It doesn’t come with the comedy of Audi and Hyundai, although when you look at the inspiration scale, Chevy’s Super Bowl commercial for the Sonic is right at the top of that.

With the calendar turning over a new page to 2012, the very first major auto show is set to open its doors in Detroit when the North American International Auto Show welcomes automakers - both local and foreign - to the Motor City.

This year, American brands are coming to Detroit in full force where they will be joined by a number of international automakers in presenting a steady diet of concept cars, production debuts, and just about everything else in between.

Among the notable debuts set to take place include the brand-new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL , as well as the 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 . German automaker Porsche has also penciled in the 911 Cabriolet for the festivities, while Lexus will be on-hand to display the intriguing and mysterious LF-LC 2+2 sports coupe concept.

As for the local contingent, Ford is leading the way with the premiere of the Fusion global mid-size sedan while Dodge is set to introduce their Alfa Romeo Giulietta-based compact sedan, the Dart .

There’s plenty of action headed to Detroit when the 2012 NAIAS opens its doors on January 14th. Head over after the jump to check out a preview of all the cars scheduled to be part of all the festivities.

The Chevrolet Sonic is fixing to get hotter with the announcement of a new offspring to the Sonic line: the 2013 Sonic RS.

The car is scheduled to make its public debut at the 2012 North American International Auto Show this coming January and it exemplifies the kind of attitude that attracts the stylish and youthful market of today’s hip-and-happening generation.

The new Sonic RS comes plush with exterior and interior enhancements that result in a sportier and more aggressive profile exuding an edginess that young consumers look for in a car.

In addition to that, the Sonic RS also makes use of the Sonic line’s turbocharged power train, continuing the model’s claim of being the only car in its segment to offer a turbocharged engine.

There’s plenty to like about the Chevrolet Sonic RS, a lot of which has to do with the enhanced looks on both the exterior and the interior. Keep up to date to see what Chevrolet has in store for the car leading up to its debut in Detroit in a month’s time.

UPDATE 08/22/12: Chevrolet has released the price details for the Sonic RS. The base price is a lot higher than what we expected so prepare to be taken aback - at the very least.

For now, you can find out more details about the Sonic RS after the jump.

The full-on Chevrolet Sonic SEMA onslaught figures to go full-steam ahead with the introduction of more models that have been customized to high heavens by the boys at Chevy . One new piece is the Sonic Boom Concept, a car that Chevy cranked up with a sound system-based concept, delivering the kind of boom-tastic thrills for audiophiles the world over.

In setting up the concept audio system on the Sonic Boom, Chevrolet and KICKER Audio drew inspiration from the design of jet engines, emulating their style in the shape and positioning of the components. A high-tech head unit controls the system, which features a pair of 15-inch Comp VX subwoofers, 12 six-inch QS Component speakers and tweeters, six QS Component speakers and tweeters, two IX1000.1 Mono subwoofer amps, four IX500.4 four-channel mid and high amps, and a ZXSUM8 summing interface signal processor. The whole setup is completed to deliver a total sound output of 4,000 watts.

To keep the Sonic’s interior as fresh as can be, Chevy also added a bevy interior modifications, including custom-fabricated rear speaker enclosures and custom load floor, perforated black suede seat inserts, liquid metal trim pieces, a Jet Black leather-wrapped instrument panel with distressed leather inserts and red piping, and a Jet Black leather-wrapped flat-bottom steering wheel with distressed leather and red stitching.

As for the exterior, Chevrolet dressed up the Sonic with an anodized Sonic Boom Red exterior color with custom body graphics, window tint graphics, tinted front headlamps with Boom logo, a Concept Z-Spec grille, a Concept Z-Spec spoiler, and a new set of 19" wheels.

UPDATE 11/08/2011: We have added new images from the 2011 SEMA Auto Show. Check them out in the picture gallery provided!

The Chevrolet Sonic has a new BFF. His name is Ricky Carmichael and you probably know him as a 15-time American Motorcycle Association (AMA) champion and a three-time X-Games gold medalist.

Recently, Carmichael was tapped by Chevrolet to help design a special edition Sonic for the 2011 SEMA Auto Show . The result between the two-party collaboration is the Sonic All Activity Vehicle - Ricky Carmichael Concept, a car that comes fully equipped with everything for all the adventure-seeking individuals out there.

Known for being a thrill nut, Carmichael wanted a concept that would highlight elements of an activity-focused hatch. Together with Chevrolet, he designed the Sonic to carry a slew of exterior highlights that fit right into his wheelhouse, including a Blue Pearlized Satin Black exterior, a THULE Roof Rack with an S-Works mountain bike and Hyperlite wakeboard with custom graphics, a Number 4 hood decal, an Electric Green signature on the lower rear doors, new splash guards, concept Z-Spec ground effects, Z-Spec grille and Z-Spec spoiler, and a new set of custom 18" wheels with a gloss black finish with green lips.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Sonic also carries plenty of Carmichael-inspired elements. There’s a Dark Green/Jet Black leather-trimmed instrument panel and door trim with Lime Green piping and stitching. The seat inserts carry FOX Racing boardshorts material while the trim accents are dressed in satin chrome. Likewise, there’s also a concept billet aluminum shifter knob, all-weather floor mats, a rear cargo organizer, a concept sound system, and the man’s own signature with Number 4 on driver and front passenger seats, making for a totally unique interior look.

The Sonic All Activity Vehicle – Ricky Carmichael Concept reflects the decorate driver’s high-performance personality. No wonder Chevy asked him to work on the car.

The Chevrolet Sonic is fast becoming a tuning favorite as you can see from how many aftermarket iterations of the car headed to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show .

The latest to show their modded Sonic is Tjin Edition, which did a complete nip and tuck of the sedan version of the Sonic. The design of the car comes from Tjin Edition with some extra help from LR Autobody and Unique Fabrication. The former handled the paint work for the Sonic sedan while the latter was responsible for building the custom roll cage, as well as the car’s over-all build.

As far as all the added elements on the Sonic are concerned, Tjin Edition took the task of building it using, among other things, carbon fiber panels from DownForce, a new suspension kit from Pedders, an intercooler kit from Vibrant Performance/Unique Fabrication, a Magnaflow exhaust, custom LED headlights from Light WurkZ, GlowShift gauges, and a set of Forgestar wheels wrapped in Falken tires.

UPDATE 11/08/2011: We have added new images of the Chevrolet Sonic Tjin Edition from its official debut at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show. Check them out in the picture gallery.

Don’t mistake the Chevrolet Sonic for a wimp of a car because clearly, it’s got something to offer as far as the tuning market is concerned. The car is one of those that are considered aftermarket favorites and proof of that is Chevrolet ’s intention of bringing a slew of modded Sonics to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show .

Arguably the most interesting of the four SEMA-bound Sonic models is the Z-Spec 4D Concept, a car that not only carries Chevy’s own Z-Spec package, but also a bevy of other upgrades. Aesthetically, the car has been dressed in an Ashen Grey Mettalic finish, complete with a refreshed grille, a rear spoiler, "Chevrolet" graphics, and a set of new 18" Z-Spec Concept wheels. Inside, the elaborate improvements continue with a re-trimmed interior that features a Dark Titanium finish with matching Cobalt Red accents, a Z-Spec sport pedal kit, an aluminum sport shift knob, and a dressed up flat-bottom steering wheel with a Cobalt Red suede trim.

Under its hood, the Sonic Z-Spec 4D Concept will carry performance modifications on its 1.4-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine, as well as a new suspension, brakes, and exhaust system. The standard model’s output is 138 horsepower, but you can expect that to increase with these mods.

Of all the Chevrolet Sonic models General Motors is bringing to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show , the Chevy Sonic Dusk is arguably the most subtle concept of the bunch.

Despite being described as such, the Sonic Dusk still comes with a boatload of new features, highlighted by a cool new Berlin Blue exterior. The custom Sonic has a new ground effects package, a fresh new grille, blue-tinted lights, and a new set of 18" dark Galvano Silver wheels.

Inside, the Sonic Dusk also gets its fair share of improvements, including a Mojave leather interior with custom seat inserts, a Z-Spec shift knob with a satin chrome trim, a suede-trimmed, flat-bottom steering wheel, a custom audio system, Z-Spec sport pedals, and an accessory interior trim kit.

Unlike the Sonic #1 and the Sonic #2, the Sonic Dusk is being kept under wraps until the 2011 SEMA Auto Show opens in a few days.

The second Z-Spec concept to be displayed at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show is the Sonic Z-Spec #2. The concept is painted in Flat White with Torch Red accents to give it a bit of life. Joining the new exterior paint job is a range of accessories from Z-Spec - the company’s line of performance, styling, and personalization accessories.

The Chevrolet Sonic is built on the Sonic Z-Spec Concept revealed at the beginning of 2011. It features a more aggressive ground effects package, a unique grille, a rear spoiler, and a graphics package.

The Sonic Z-Spec #2 sits on a new set of 18" wheels and features a re-trimmed interior with Z-Spec sports pedal kit, a Z-Spec sport shift knob, and a flat-bottom steering wheel. It also features custom racing seats with the Z-Spec logo.

The concept was offered with a 1.4 liter turbo engine and a six-speed manual transmission. Performance upgrades for the Z-Spec #2 include brakes with four-piston calipers, a high-flow exhaust system, and new suspension parts. Nothing has been said about the new figures for the Z-Spec #2, but we should have more details soon.

"The Sonic and Cruze concepts demonstrate that performance comes in all shapes, sizes and displacements at Chevrolet ."

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