Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

  The Chevrolet Spark was launched in 2007. The Spark is an evolution of the Daewoo Matiz which was earlier sold in india. The Spark comes with a 1-litre petrol engine and there is also an LPG variant. Its competitors are the Maruti Suzuki Estilo, Wagon R and Hyundai i10.

Fisker Atlantic

A123 has been put through the ringer in recent history, most notably with its massive battery recall, and now it is just about belly up. Things were starting to look up for the battery make when it announced that a $450 million deal had been reached with Wanxiang Group Corp, but that deal recently fell through.

Now the inevitable is upon A123, as news came across the board that A123 had filed for bankruptcy protection, despite having received a $249 million government grant. With this bankruptcy filing also comes the likely liquidation of its assets. It appears as if A123 has already gotten a head start on this liquidation by negotiating to sell off its automotive business to Johnson Controls – well-known for building nearly every lead-acid and gel battery sold.

The deal is not yet done, but it is reportedly for the sum of $125 million and will include the Fisker , GM , and BMW contracts that A123 has already inked. Part of the proposed deal includes Johnson Controls fronting A123 $72.5 million in “debtor possession” funds to keep the bankrupt company running while the sale is being completed. There is no timetable for the completion of the deal, but per the press release, things will continue as usual for A123 during the entire sale process.

All we can hope for is a full turnaround once this technology gets in the hands of Johnson Controls, as the fate of the EV realm rests heavily on the technologies developed by A123. This could possibly be part of the reason that Fisker wasn’t shy about announcing that the upcoming Atlantic was delayed. We’ll also keep an eye on the Chevy Spark EV project to see if that is put on hold until this situation is resolved.

We’ll keep you updated.

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Every single year cars continue to get closer and closer to being completely autonomous, but that’s still a distant goal. In today’s world, automakers are simply trying to make getting lost a thing of the past with new integrated navigation systems. Chevy has taken this a step further by announcing that it is planning to release a new type of navigation system in the fall of 2012.

Chevy has dubbed this new system GogoLink and will debut it at the 2012 New York Auto Show. What’s weirder than the name itself is that it is a smartphone application. Yup, this application loads into any smartphone and offers a fully functional navigation system with live traffic updates. This system works through the MyLink infotainment system installed in the upcoming 2013 Sonic and 2012 Spark via Bluetooth or cable connection, and displays the navigation system on MyLink’s 7-inch LCD touch screen.

But why on Earth would Chevy put a smartphone app as its navigation system? Well, Chevy claims that 90% of Sonic and Spark buyers own a smartphone and that these higher-end customers are accustomed to using their phones for everything. We honestly think it is a cheap way for Chevy to say “Even our entry level cars have navigation systems,” but we’re skeptics.

Due to the fact that GogoLink will likely not debut in time for the release of the 2012 Spark , Chevy dealers will quickly upload GogoLink onto the MyLink system on your new Spark once it becomes available. For now, we’ll reserve judgment until more details come about, but we can certainly see a large number of Spark and Sonic customers complaining because they used up their entire smartphone data plan running GogoLink (See iPhone billing nightmares). However, if you happen to have an unlimited data plan, which we would assume most smartphone users would, this could be a pretty cool system to help get you around town.

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Yet another small Chevrolet is making an impact at this years’ SEMA show in Las Vegas. This time it’s the smallest member of the Chevy family – the diminutive Spark. Set for launch in the US, the Spark is difficult to picture on American roads because of its town-car attributes.

This new generation is slightly bigger than its predecessor, which should help the situation. The car has angular lines and big headlights that are accentuated by the bow tie grille. The designers for this Z-Spec Concept would have their work cut out for them to turn this pumpkin into a worthy carriage. The Z-Spec program was launched by Chevy to give small car customers the opportunity to factory-customize their cars in a fun unique way

"The Chevrolet Spark will cause people to rethink their perceptions of what a small car can be – particularly when it comes to design and performance," said Paul Arnone, lead designer. "The Spark Z-Spec concept incorporates a blend of Chevrolet-designed exterior and interior enhancements."

These parts, like the items for the Cruze Z-Spec Concept, will be available through local dealers and can be built-in to your monthly payments. That makes this car very appealing to those on a budget that want to stand out form the crowd.

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What do you get when you take a Chevrolet Spark and add some design and flare with the use of paint splatters? You get an art car that goes by the name of SpART. The car was designed by young British car artist Ian Cook and is the artist’s biggest remote control art car in his collection. The SpART was unveiled at this week’s Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship meeting at Silverstone.

The SpART is the last art car created for the Art Spark series coming from Chevrolet Europe. Other versions of the vehicle can be found in the one-off WTCC leading car by Portuguese art student Jose Rocha, a Spark DJ Car – the world’s largest record turntable, and a Spark Woody Wagon . This latest version draws its inspiration from other art cars and Chevrolet’s racing liveries.

“Chevrolet’s association with young artists continues - Cook was this year’s Visual Arts UK judge for the pan-European Young? Creative? Chevrolet! competition, which brings together art students across Europe to compete in a series of disciplines, including photography, video, fashion and visual art,” a company statement reads.

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Remember when having a wood-lined vehicle was the epitome of coolness? Well they’re making a comeback with Chevrolet UK’s Spark Woody art car. Now although it might not be as awesome as the 1951 Chevrolet Woody, it is guaranteed to transport surf boards to the beach in style.

To achieve the laid-back retro style, the 2010 Chevrolet Spark was wrapped in a three-quarter wood-grained vinyl, similar to that of the down right awful looking PT Cruiser Woody. If that’s not enough for you beach boys, take a glance down at the tires. You’re not seeing things, those are wide whitewall tires similar to those of a 1941 Chevrolet Deluxe.

This is not the first one-off Chevrolet Spark and it probably won’t be the last. Chevrolet intends to release a British Touring Car Championship edition set to come later this month. Hopefully it will be better looking than the "woody" version. With inspiration from the 40s and 50s America, UK Chevrolet is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone from that era.

The first public unveiling of the Chevrolet Spark Woody will take place at Snetterton this weekend.

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Ironic as it sounds, but there’s been a buckling trend in the industry these days of manufacturers faring much better in other countries than they do in their own home soil. Proof of that lies in how well Chevrolet seems to do in the European market compared to its standing over in America.

As such, Chevy has taken painstaking lengths to put more juice over in Europe by engaging young and creative minds to participate in contests like the Young Creative Chevrolet, a competition that challenges students to put in the time to insert the Chevy Beat- it’s the Spark in this side of the world - into five different forms of medium. Now in its fourth year, the Young Creative Chevrolet competition has grown from being a modest competition, that features eight schools from eight countries, into a bigger and far more encompassing contest that includes 135 schools in over 20 countries.

This year’s competition proved to be as competitive as it has been since its inception back in 2007 with entries from all over Europe divided in five categories, including photography, music, fashion, video, and visual arts. In the end, the winners were all evenly distributed from a number of countries with Austria grabbing the award for music, Portugal taking home the crown for visual arts, the UK snapping up photography and France winning the other two categories, fashion and video.

We know that there’s some serious talent over there across the Atlantic, but we’re also positive that there’s a lot of young artists on this side that can do as good a job – maybe even better – than those chaps over there. It’s something that Chevrolet ought to look at if they hope to become bigger players in their home market. Just a thought, fellas.

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Drivers outside the U.S. are very familiar with the Chevrolet Spark , meanwhile we here in America were only introduced to the Beat alongside the Stingray Concept with the summer blockbusterTransformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Fresh for the U.K. market, the bow tie brand is offering a subtle styling kit for compact city car owners consisting of a trio of urban inspired graphics that accent the Spark’s curvaceous doors and bold rear arches that they are calling "Tags," the best part is that they they will only set owners back £199. Not a bad price to pay for some very tasteful styling upgrades.

The new Spark "Tags" package in a few different forms; the first being a set of racing stripes running the length of the vehicle along with the lower door trim, a shimmering star pattern that speckles along the doors and highlights the sculpted rear fenders as well as a tribal style design that goes on the doors right behind the front wheel wells. Adding a unique touch that allows enthusiasts to personalize their Spark straight from the factory.

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Chevrolet has revealed the Spark ahead of the Geneva Motor Show. If the car looks familiar, that’s because this is the production-ready version of the Chevy Beat . Not much was lost in the transition from Beat to Spark. In fact, the car gained two well-hidden rear doors.

Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is the international replacement for Daewoo Matiz. While the Matiz earned little respect for being a budget-first kind of car, the Spark should be just a spend-thrifty but can do it with more style. The 2010 Spark will be offered with a choice of two engines: a 1.0 and 1.2-liter 16-valve four-cylinder double overhead camshaft gasoline engines.

The little Chevy will be in European dealerships by early 2010, with other markets to come online shortly thereafter. Although the U.S. will be getting a new micro car from General Motors, the Spark has not yet been confirmed to be sold here. Chevrolet seems to have found its way with small cars like the Spark, Cruze and Volt . Let’s just hope that they arrive in time to save the company.

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