Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban

  Chevrolet’s full-size SUV has a long and storied history. Starting with its production in 1935, the Chevrolet Suburban has long been a pick-up style vehicle with a station wagon backside. That type of description doesn’t do it any justice as it is more luxurious than your average truck and more spacious than your average station wagon. The Chevrolet Suburban fits up to nine people, plus all their baggage and is attractive to boot. Chevrolet’s wraparound fascia and steeply raked windshield provide a modern look and its vast interior space makes road trips as comfortable as can be. The Suburban is powered by either a 5.3L V8 engine producing 310/320hp and 335/340 lb-ft of torque or a 6.0L V8 producing 352/366hp and 382/376 lb-ft of torque. These engine options are mated to a six-speed automatic. The 5.3L V8 also comes equipped with Active Fuel Management which switches off half of the cylinders for increased fuel efficiency.

Just by its name alone, you can immediately determine that this 2015 Chevrolet Suburban was created with the young and adventurous in mind. Likely no middle-aged person will understand the ’half-pipe’ tag, but for those that lived along the same time as the X-Games explosion, half-pipe is synonymous with action sports.

That’s why when Chevrolet decided to develop this Suburban, it had the young ones in mind and true to form, the Half-Pipe Concept comes with plenty of features that will tug at the heartstrings of action junkies. Chevrolet Accessories’ roof rack and crossbars were mounted on the roof of the SUV, serving the dual purpose of mounting skis or snowboards into them. And for a more distinctive appearance, the automaker also added a set of 22-inch wheels and center caps.

Inside, the modifications continue with leather-trimmed seats and a Blu-ray-based entertainment system in case the young ones need to take a break from all skiing and snowboarding, and prefer to unwind in the confines of their own mobile entertainment unit.

The Chevrolet Suburban Half-Pipe Concept is tailor-made for a specific market. Even so, it doesn’t mean that it’s limited to that exclusive group. Everybody can enjoy what the SUV is offering, even if you’re not so much into the action stuff.

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"Iconic" is a word that is thrown around far too often in the automotive world, but after 100 years and dozens of colors and text styles, the lasting importance and brand symbol of the Chevy bowtie emblem is a sure thing.

As the bowtie evolved over the ten decades, its transformations were barely noticeable versus the complete revolution in transport they adorned - from the first Chevy ’Classic Six’ model to today’s industrial heavy-hitter with more than 50 global model lines.

General Motors’ Chevrolet brand was launched with a script logo with the words Chevrolet written in stylized cursive.

Legibility and pronunciation of this French name were a real problem versus monosyllabic "Fords " across the street.

Soon, a baby blue bowtie logo appeared along with Chevrolet written in all caps in 1913, but the exact origins of this bowtie are unknown.

What we do know is that the Chevy bowtie instantly means cars.

Along with Ford , Coca Cola and General Electric, the emblem of the Chevrolet lineup is a globally-recognized symbol of freedom, prestige and mobility.

Logo changes are often fraught with peril for the companies who fail to understand the symbol’s importance to their most loyal consumers. Just a brief look back shows disastrous results followed when Gap Inc. tried to remodel their emblem, or the huge drop in real-life sales following Tropicana’s disastrous package redesign.

With the new 2014 Cadillac logo (without the wreath!) in place on the Elmiraj Concept , here’s a look back at the evolution of the Chevrolet bowtie over the Chevrolet bowtie over the last hundred years.

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Updated 10/14/2013: This article has been updated with Chevy’s latest skinny emblem, which the original article did not highlight as the new bowtie in use since 2010.

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A new Chevy Suburban really is a rare event. Since the six-pack of new full-size SUVs revealed last week from GM , buzz is building for the arrival of these new trucks into dealers.

Chevy and GMC have each said that the models will begin arriving in the first quarter of 2014, which gives them wiggle room between now and March to get these hot new trucks onto the roads.

Perhaps a bit of real news for shoppers is how much the Suburban LTZ will benefit from the highest-tech features from the much pricier GMC Yukon Denali XL and forthcoming Cadillac Escalade ESV . On the top LTZ Chevy specification comes virtually all of the latest cabin luxuries, like power folding for the third row, a dozen charge ports and a central 8-inch touchscreen interface.

Below the chrome smile of the new Sub are also major enhancements for all trims, and even the magneto-rheological dampers for, again, the LTZ spec. There’s only one critical piece of missing gear from the GMC and Cadillac trucks, and we’ve combed all the details thoroughly to find out what that thing is.

Updated 03/05/2014: Chevrolet announced today prices for the 2015 Suburban which will go on sale later this spring. The 2015 Suburban will be priced from $48,590, including $995 destination freight charge.

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The Suburban nameplate is the longest continuously running name used in General Motors ’ lineup. Granted, the model has not been the same for the entire 81 years it’s been in existence, as the nameplate started on essentially overgrown station wagon that was for military use only, then it became a windowed “carryall” truck and didn’t really resemble the modern day model until 1967.

Now 81 years young, the Suburban is going stronger than ever as it enters the 2014 model year and shows no signs of slowing down. With other makers downsizing their full-size SUV s into more agile crossover models, the Suburban remains one of the handful of body-on-frame SUVs left roaming the Earth. Essentially, it is the automotive equivalent of a brontosaurus.

Even though the 2014 model for the most par carries over aesthetically and mechanically, Chevy has tweaked the model ever so slightly to keep it fresh and ready to roll with all-new standard features and a new color.

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It was back in 1935 when Chevrolet launched the first vehicle to carry the "Suburban" nameplate. In celebration of the full size utility vehicle’s diamond anniversary, General Motors has unveiled the special edition Suburban 75th Anniversary to mark the occasion at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show. This special edition Suburban will go on sale early this summer and is limited to just 2,570 units, including 350 destined for our neighbors to the north in Canada as well as other export markets.

The celebratory ’burban is distinguished by a very fitting White Diamond Tricoat exterior finish and an upscale Cashmere interior complete with "Diamond Edition" embroidered headrests and matching etching on the kick plates. Other unique upgrades to celebrate the Suburban’s landmark birthday are a set of bespoke chrome clad 20 inch wheels with matching door pulls and roof rack; but it’s the 75th Anniversary gold and black Suburban Diamond Edition badges both inside and out that will give the celebratory Chevy away to unfamiliar eyes.

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Redesigned for 2007, Chevrolet Suburban holds a unique place in the industry, proving to be an indispensable partner for those with varied and demanding lifestyles. Despite challenging market conditions, the redesigned Suburban has continued to draw new customers, with sales up more than 10 percent during the first quarter of 2007.

AI design has customized a bio-diesel powered turbocharged 2002 Chevrolet Suburban. They have modified the engine to handle the increased corrosive properties of bio-diesel fuel. As bio-diesel fuel is a new teritory for Ai Design they had to partner with ATS ATS Performance Diesel who provide them the parameters for engine’s modifications. The car also received a a 4-wheel Brembo brake upgrade and a 12-inch lift, on-road/off-road suspension package, and increased fuel capacity. The interior (...)

Chevy Suburban has ably served as a capable family road trip vehicle for more than 70 years. The tradition of easily fitting the whole family and all their gear into one comfortable vehicle continues with the 2007 Chevy Major League Baseball Suburban. Chevy, as baseball’s No. 1 fan, has created the MLB Suburban, which is ideal for hitting the road for far-off ballparks or spring training camps.

Chevrolet announced pricing today on its 2007 Suburban, continuing a pricing strategy that helps customers understand the strong value offered by GM’s largest division. Chevy’s all new 2007 Suburban LS, equipped with a standard 5.3L engine, begins at $36,990; starting price for an LT 5.3L is $37,740; and an LTZ, equipped with 5.3L begins at $45,655. All prices include $875 Destination Freight Charge (DFC) and are 2WD. The LS model is $2,550 less than a comparably equipped 2006 LS. (...)

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