1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Stage II Yenko Turbo Z

Having grown up in Washington, PA, just 10 miles from Canonsburg, PA – the home of famed Chevy builder Yenko – I have grown rather attached to these models. So any time I see one, I cannot help but drool and chuckle over the fact that a little town like Canonsburg can produce monsters like these.

I get even more excited when a really rare Yenko goes up for sale. Something like a Stage II 1981 Camaro Yenko Turbo gets me all riled up, as there were only three of them ever built. In total there were two stages – I and II – and a total of 19 within all of the stages.

Not only is this vehicle absolutely rare, but it is also the final true Yenko Camaro ever built. You may be wondering about the 2010 Yenko Camaro, but Don Yenko has nothing to do with it, as Chevy laid claim to the “Yenko” name in 2009.

Another cool thing is that, in 1981, the Camaro was in a real dark area, as emission regulations had strangled the LM1 350 c.i. V-8 down to a paltry 175 horsepower. In the Stage II model, Yenko strapped on Turbo International turbocharger that pumped 7 psi into the intake, special decals, Kamp leather seats, leather racing steering wheel, “Turbo Z” floor mats, Koni shocks, stiffer stabilizer bars, modular wheels and Goodyear Wingfoot tires.

Though Yenko never released the horsepower specs and they are non-existent on the Interwebz, we can take a nice stab and say it’s somewhere in the 210- to 225-horsepower range. That’s not much for this massive sled, but you’re getting one of the rarest cars in the world, if you are willing to pay the $179,900 “Buy it Now” price on Ebay.


I guess this is dedicated to those vintage fans. They have modified its engine well, but the style was left untouched.

It’s ironic how it upgraded its technical specs instead of its looks to make it most appropriate to these times’ needs.

It’s astonishing how Chevrolet has upgraded most of it except the original look to fit the automotive needs of the modern times. However, I don’t really dig the shape of its built.

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