2006 Chevrolet T2X

Chevrolet introduces T2X Concept to Europe

GM released a bunch of new shots of its T2X concept truck to the European media today, giving them a look at the sporty two-door SUV unveiled at the Seoul motor show earlier this year.

It’s a variant of the Daewoo-built S3X prototype, which we know in the states through such Theta-architecture vehicles like the Chevrolet Equinox and (soon to be) next-gen Saturn VUE.

No word on whether Europeans will be getting a production vehicle similar to this, but with Chevrolet’s often stated plan to expand on the Continent, we wouldn’t be a bit surprised.


oh! i agree with all two! the first one does have a point on the whole chevy american cars

i agree w/ the last comment
it seems toyota wants to be american and chevy wants to be foreign

The exterior is pretty cool. But the interior is way too much! I mean talk about back to the future. The steering wheel is the ugliest part and the rest of the interior is too futuristic and overwhelming! Like I said, I don’t like European look of the cars. Chevys are American made so they should look like american cars. This car is nothing like the Equinox because the Equinox looks like a true american chevy. The new cars look too foriegn. If you think I sound prejudice, I’m not, I’m just trying to prove a point. I love chevy vehicles, chevys should look the way their supposed to and perform the same way, too.

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