2008 Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited

GM Asia-Pacific revealed today, for the Japanese market, the Corvette S-Limited, a 30 units limited edition priced at ¥7,980,000 ($75,475). The special edition Corvette is offered in two body colors: 15 units in Black and 15 in Arctic White.

Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited

The Corvette S-Limited features full leather-wrapped interior package, a rear spoiler and mesh grille-work.

The car will go on sale on July 4th and celebrates GM’s 100th anniversary.


Not the only ones but the ones most responsible. Barely scraping 75hp/L and instead using higher displacements while the performance was just as cheap. Changing too late is only ignorance and they would not have even bothered if it had not been for the fuel crises.

AK, i`m not defending GM, but they not the only ones responsible for the state of the environment, all the car builders are, GM are responsible for trying to change to late.

GM has been making cars for a hundred years? That would explain why the enviroment is in this state.

fantastic car to celebrate 100 years of GM!

the corvette is already a nice and it just got nicer.

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