2010 Chevrolet Firebreather Camaro by Classic Design Concepts

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If you ever wanted a decked out Camaro or own a Camaro that still needs a little something then you better listen up! Classic Design Concepts is offering 50 copies of their Firebreather Camaro SS now. The Firebreather Camaro started out as a movie prop created by CDC and movie director and writer Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad for the Michigan-produced film, Jinn. CDC was kind enough to offer this Camaro package for fellow Camaro lovers at a reasonable price considering it’s a movie star!

The first package offered is a black Camaro SS that comes packed with an Eibech package (new front end, new tail end with a new spoiler, new hood, some slick custom wheels, the Eibach Pro-Plus performance handling package, and embroidered seats), custom wheels, tires, and a tuned exhaust. This package comes with an $85,000 price tag. Too steep for ya? CDC is also offering a second package that utilizes the same additions, but fitted on a V6 Camaro. This second package is $60,000.

Of course, if you already own a Camaro then this information is useless to you. What is useful is that General Motors dealerships will be offering the same performance package as in the second package for all 2010 Camaros for $34,000.

If you like what you hear then you better hurry up. Remember, this package is limited to 50 units.


This is my favorite car

I understand that the price of this one is a bit expensive because of the great offering coming from General Motors.

That is such a rare offering from General Motors. I wondered what will be the camaro owners will react if they saw this news. Apparently, there comes a package for all 2010 camaros at a very affordable price at $34,000.

But take a look at the statistics, Camaro is one of the most popular car designs to date. Well, maybe because of too much fame for Camaro, many are upset on the new versions. I would always prefer the old ones.

Limited to only 50 units? And the pricetag was too much! How would we possibly own this if they’re limiting the production. And there were too many packages to deal with. This was such a crazy thing.

Spending a thousand dollars would be just a waste for this car. BTW, I don’t want to see myself riding on this one. I suggest they designed the car that way.

hmm. Is it worth spending $60,000 over an outdated v6 engine technology?To tell frankly, I don’t think so and muscle cars have a difficulty on corners! 

I had the displeasure of driving one of these as a rental while my car was in the shop at the dealer.

Gm has absolutely no part in this, if you’ve got evidence to the contrary i would love to see it

This would be a great flashback if it had the gold snowflake wheels. But still I think it’s a beautiful car. Am I to assume the $60,000 price is just for the mods and you still have to purchase the Camaro?

As expected from Chevrolet they make a wonderful art just like the Camaro..

Its called reality. As unfortunate a reality as that may be, LR has to meet some very strict emissions standards. A stable full of V8 with full time 4x4 is not going to work to meet those standards. Additionally, LR is in the business of making money. This is no more a sacrilege than Porsche producing the Cayenne.

If Pontiac was still around this would be the new Fire bird but it was necessary to cut Pontiac to focus more on Chevy’s performance heritage.

So cool, I can’t wait to have one of these. lol!

Only made worse when you consider that the name Pontiac comes from a Native American Chief of the Ottawa Tribe. Poncho, on the other hand, is a garment originating from the Andes.

I simply hate the Camaro..smiley

And I thought this car looked OK, that was until I saw the rear end.

Lately Car magazines also started to attack Camaro, too fat, to cheap, worst steering wheel ever, all that jazz.

If Pontiac was still around this WOULD be the new Fire bird but it was necessary to cut Pontiac to focus more on Chevy’s performance heritage... besides Camaro Fire bird.

Did I ever mention anything about the Mustang? No. I don’t like the Mustang either but would take it any day over this POS.

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