2010 Chevy Spark Z-Spec Concept

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Yet another small Chevrolet is making an impact at this years’ SEMA show in Las Vegas. This time it’s the smallest member of the Chevy family – the diminutive Spark. Set for launch in the US, the Spark is difficult to picture on American roads because of its town-car attributes.

This new generation is slightly bigger than its predecessor, which should help the situation. The car has angular lines and big headlights that are accentuated by the bow tie grille. The designers for this Z-Spec Concept would have their work cut out for them to turn this pumpkin into a worthy carriage. The Z-Spec program was launched by Chevy to give small car customers the opportunity to factory-customize their cars in a fun unique way

"The Chevrolet Spark will cause people to rethink their perceptions of what a small car can be – particularly when it comes to design and performance," said Paul Arnone, lead designer. "The Spark Z-Spec concept incorporates a blend of Chevrolet-designed exterior and interior enhancements."

These parts, like the items for the Cruze Z-Spec Concept, will be available through local dealers and can be built-in to your monthly payments. That makes this car very appealing to those on a budget that want to stand out form the crowd.

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Source: GM USA

Exterior Mods

Chevy Spark Z-Spec Concept

The exterior features very few mods, yet they are simple and effective. The first thing that strikes you is the very loud Tangerine Metallic Orange paint work that’s sure to get you noticed. To break up the citrus assault, are white mirror caps with hydrographics and 17” lightweight BBS wheels, also in “Icy White”. The grille also gets some working over with new inserts and color coded trim. The best exterior addition is the rear spoiler that gives the little car some much needed street cred.

Interior Mods

Chevy Spark Z-Spec Concept

There is more of the same inside, with the Tangerine theme carried through on the trim and stitching. Leather Recaro bucket seats replace the boring old items, while a flat-bottomed, race-inspired steering wheel now resides in front of the driver. Adding to quality feel is a custom-milled billet gear knob and matching floor mats complete with the Z-Spec logo.

It’s a pity none of the above will actually make the Spark go any faster as the 0-60 in the little run takes around a day. Food for thought maybe?


Yes! it its the smallest Chevrolet hatchback that I saw either well, this is so striking despite of having a simple style and platform, I noticed that it is oozing with car appeal.

This Chevy Spark concept is really cute and a can caught lots of attention, well the color orange looks great on it, very striking.

Chevy Spark is really a cute concept car and had a unique styling. Can’t wait to see this one on the road, I bet it can caught everyone’s attention.

The platform of this Chevy Spark Z-spec is really a cute concept from chevrolet! It impressed me a lot but I must say that the wheels are the exception of that impressive features of it.

It is the smallest Chevrolet hatchback that I saw. It is an effective way for Chevrolet to promote this car, since they offer a customize way for the car in the much-awaited SEMA Show. The interior of the car is great. I like the blending of color. It makes the car appears so neat.

Funny!haha it seems that they were insisting on making such an awesome, unique, angst, aggresive and etc. on a small car like this, but I’m still impress with this.

The car have an impressive styling and look. However, it would be better if they have a offer higher figure for its speed performance.

Well, it seems that they don’t have any plan to make a production version of this vehicle. The exterior is kind of impressive but I don’t think that it would be a good choice for hatchback.

Well, I don’t have any against with small cars for it deliver a good fuel economy.
And I think this is the best time to used this car since there is a crisis in fuel. BTW, the design and styling of this car is clean and decent.

The interior look so luxurious in that black and orange color it really made
me forget how ugly it look from the outside. yeah, I don’t like how it look from the back angle!

Now they are adding a bunch of little pieces to make it more appealing to younger buyers.

I thought the volt was redesigned because the concept had the dc of a brick and the current design was the only way to go to the mpg it had to have.

This is just like a small cars one of the kind economy cars that was invented in the last time before most people perceptions that even in a small concept of this type of car its sustain a good designs and performances.

I’m loving it. It looks great. I would so own one of those, since trendy subcompacts like the 1st gen xB have gotten really big.

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