2011 Chevrolet Camaro Art Car

Art cars have become quite the rage these days with so many of them being introduced in the past year or so. But of all the ones we’ve seen, we dare you to find a car that’s as mind-blowingly detailed as this Chevrolet Camaro .

This is the work of General Motors’ show car division and Mickey Harris of Mountain Muscle Cars in Cosby, Tennessee and if you have any ounce of patriotism running through your veins, then you’re going to fall head-over-heels for it. Airbrushed with just about all the relevant images of American history, the entire body of work was finished after three intense months of laborious work and was officially presented to the public at the recent Camaro5 Fest in Arizona.

Everything about art work done on the Camaro screams our love for the red, white, and blue, from the images of our past presidents to historical images from the Civil War, Iwo Jima, and Desert Storm. As far as airbrushing art is concerned, you’d be hard-pressed to find a car that can bounce this off of the top our list.

Trust us, you’d be crazy not to check out this insane piece of art in the gallery provided. These pictures will astound you.

Source: Autos.Terra


It really looks messy on that graphics. Sorry, but I truly don’t appreciate the design of this vehicle, although it is a work of art on that. It will be impressive if it was on a simple style.

An art car of a garbage car? Sorry to say, but it really doesn’t look great neither good on its graphic design; it only looks so nasty on that. It is better if it is on a simple style.

It looks so nasty on that design, and I must say that it doesn’t really good for me instead it looks so lousy but for those who understand what art is, I think they must have impressed with it.

this car is too unique but a much nicer design would do the thing since this baby look to artistic (abstract) he he. are they offering a design and can a customer ask or give a customized design.

I rather choose the traditional look of the Camaro. IMO, my six years old sister
makes a better drawing than this. I really don’t get why they calling this as an art!

It looks so dirty! I prefer the two color combination for the paint job into stripes. Sorry, But i can’t appreciate this art.

Seeing that car from a far, makes me think that it was burnt or something. I think it wasn’t painted naturally and it doesn’t fit to the aggressive face of the Camaro. I would refer a graffiti type of art for that onesmiley

Well, if you guys think of it. Art cars are primarily made for display. But I definitely 2would like the idea of an art car also being a road going vehicle.

I do hope that they have given this one a good amount of top coat. That one would certainly protect the car’s when it is actually taken out on the road.

The whole car actually does look very cool w9th this one; I admire the artist for being able to come up with a design that would actually fit the car

Yeah right. The only thing that makes me recognize this car is the front hood and I think the art work look so hideous.

I like the theme of the art work though i have a doubt that it fits to the aggressive look of the Camaro. I find it look like a grease in the face of this car.

One thing that I really don’t like about these art cars is the fact that you won’t be able to drive them most of the time, else you can easily ruin the whole paint job.

Well, they definitely made a great choice for the car they will put the art on. The Camaro is definitely a good canvas for that fine piece of work.

Nice, I would say that this one is definitely rad. I am not much a fan of art cars, but this is really something that has caught my eyes the moment I saw it.

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