2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS by Tintek

Chrome finishes may not be as stylish as its matte counterpart, but for the most part, the former has a way of catching our attention - for better or worse. Some cars dressed in this outlandish and shiny garb are nothing more than puke-inducing examples of how too much of something can really go awry. But on the rare occasion that a chrome finish works on a car, it’s really a sight to behold.

Tintek.cz, a Czech company that specializes in wrapping sports cars have come out with their latest project: a chrome vinyl-wrapped Chevrolet Camaro SS . If we had a dollar for every time we said that the body finish on this car looks amazing, we’d be rich folks by the end of the day. This specific application is priced at $10,000 and is a brand new technology that is only available from a small number of companies at this time. Tintek says they have been developing ways to make the application process easier, but state that it is still a very difficult process even with their experienced technicians. The full application takes 4-5 days (with four technicians on the project) and they are currently working on expanding their color chrome options. As of right now, there are eight chrome colors available: silver, gold, blue, black, orange, green, red, and violet.

The work done on the Camaro SS was limited to just the chrome finish, which means that the powertrain - a 6.2-liter V8 engine with 400 horsepower and 395 lb/ft of torque - remains the same. But even if there’s very little done on the car apart from the chrome vinyl wrapping, we’d still gladly take this attention-grabbing Camaro SS home with us.

Can you say ’Silver Bullet’?

Source: Tintek


Wow! It looks so awesome on its mirror-like body paint! Anyway, it’s a good thing as well that it has an impressive and stunning engine specs which could truly give a nice speed on it.

I’m not so impressed on this Camaro SS. I find it ’over’ on its exterior design. However, I’m glad it still has an impressive and awesome engine which is only appropriate for this.

The performance never change though this one seems to be a gas guzzler! BTW, I don’t like the silver Bullet of this car! I wonder for how long does the chrome paint job last?

I really love the Camaro but for this car? I don’t think that chrome paint is a good idea. I prefer the traditional color of this car.

I am satisfied with the look of the traditional muscle car for they are already good and perform well. For a Chevy Camaro, I think this figure performance is just ok!

hmm. I think this chrome wrapping idea is the worst idea that I have heard form the Chevy! It really makes us blind once the sun’s ray will reflect from that thing going to our bare eyes! And heck its not a good theme!

I agree, this car looks like a stainless piece of a car, smiley not good for tropical countries where summer is longer than any other season.

Well, if you guys doesn’t like the silver paint job there are still a lot of options. BTW, the performance of this car is quite impressive.

i agree with you guys, the silver color of this car doesn’t suite to summer it might cause to one’s blindness!

Its just plated with silver but the design is still there though the power of this car is great for a muscle car.

:Honestly, I don’t like the silver theme of this car it hurts my eyes. I think it’s not a good color since its summer. BTW, @mitakatd, stop promoting your site here! 

Whoa, that chrome vinyl wrap definitely looks awesome. Hope the guys at Tintek would be able to improve on their process soon, since this would be quite a good one.

Very nice, that all chrome look is definitely a good looking one. Just because of this one, I would definitely let the lack of engine upgrades pass.

This car is WOW!!! I`m huuuge fan of the new camaro but that one is WOW!!!
BTW check this site out:

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