2012 Chevrolet Camaro Synergy Series Convertible

Chevrolet’s Camaro "Synergy Series" returns to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show with a different version: a Camaro Convertible. Continuing the special edition Camaro’s participation in SEMA, the Camaro Convertible Synergy Series is getting the best of the best of Camaro accessories.

This year’s model comes dressed to the party with a Silver Ice exterior color with complementing black Synergy stripes on the hood and matching decklid and “mail slot” Synergy gill decals and red line inserts. The car will also come with items from the Chevrolet Accessories program, including a new grille, a new red engine cover body-color ground effects, a Chevrolet-licensed suspension lowering kit from Pedders, and a set of 21" wheels with Red Brembo brake calipers.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Camaro Convertible Synergy Series has been outfitted with black leather and matching red accent stitching on the seats, center console, doors, steering wheel and shifter boot. There’s also a new lighting kit, new ebony floor mats with a “CAMARO” logo stitched in silver, a Hurst short-throw shifter, a Silver Ice instrument panel, an ’SS’ logo with red outline on the head restraints, and a new pedal kit from Chevrolet Accessories.

Just like last year’s Camaro Synergy Series, the 2012 Convertible version is just absolutely to die for. And the word is that Chevrolet will be listening to fan feedback at SEMA to gauge the interest on the car. Be sure to voice your opinions so we can see this one green-lighted for production!


Camaro still looks so lovely and very attractive even though it doesn’t have lots of accessories and style, just like this Synergy series of them! It looks glamorous on its aesthetic design!

I wonder if what will be the other great features that this Camaro Synergy could offer? Well, I would really wait for another updated article of this one, and I hope that they use an efficient engine for this awesome vehicle.

This one is absolutely so striking! No doubt, if they still won as the hottest car! smiley Anyway, I must say that I love the wheels of this one, it looks very cool on it.

The red accent stitching on the seat and even on its wheels is really so cool about it, even the other accessory that this convertible had is absolutely look very awesome, but I’m quite curious if what will be the engine specification of it?

This Camaro Synergy Series absolutely looks great on its design aesthetics. I also noticed that the wheels and the other accessories rock.

I love the silver ice body paint of this one, and I have to agree that the interior of this one is seems so comfortable and relaxing because if I’m not mistaken the seat of this one is handcrafted. smiley

The interior of this Synergy Series of Camaro is seems so comfortable and relaxing and even the wheels of it, is look very cool for this one and add more appeal on it. Well, I will surely wait at another updated news about it.

Well, I must say that even though the car here in Chevrolet is almost the same with their other cars, I can say that I’m still impressed with it, for I really love muscled cars like this that is absolutely oozing with car appeal and angst.

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