2012 Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition

The Camaro will once again star as "Bumblebee" in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and as a celebration of this event Chevrolet is unveiling the special edition Transformers Special Edition Camaro Coupe. The special edition will be available in July for the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Europe, South America, and Middle East markets.

The new Transformers Special Edition package can be added to the 2LT and 2SS models for only $3,000. The package starts off with a Rally Yellow exterior paint job to match the ones found on Bumblebee, which are then combined with black rally stripes that stretch over the hood, roof, and decklid. Towards the back of the muscle car, Chevrolet has added a unique high-wing spoiler, Autobot Shield logos on the center caps and front quarter panels, and 20", black-painted wheels wrapped in high-performance summer tires. Dealers will also offer two additional features: exclusive, 21-inch, black-painted wheels and a black ground-effects package.

The interior of the special edition Camaro gets black leather interior accented with yellow stitching on the instrument panel, center console, armrests, and seats. The Autobot Shield logos find their way inside as well with embroidered versions on the front headrests and center console lid.

As previously mentioned, the new Transformers Special Edition Camaro will be available starting July, with the first models hitting the U.S. and Canada in September.


Wow! Bumblebee is one of my favorite car even though it’s too bulky on person but I must say that it really had the looks that will captivate lots of attention. smiley I wish I could drive this also someday.

I’m a huge fan of transformers, from the beginning till the current one. I’m always get into it. From cars to its actors. Definitely one of the best and highly made movie ever.

I think its looks like a Chevrolet Camaro Convertible and this car called Bumblebee because of all the style and design is like bumblebee.

Bumblebee becomes so remarkable for us because it’s already featured in Transformer and this car really had a powerful engine but sorry to say I don’t really like its design.

This "bumblebee" is really awesome. I bet everyone will get so excited about it, well this car really had an impressive looks and figure perfomance that it is really remarkable.

The car is impressive. I like the combination of colors and the wheels and rims are great.

Yeah, I think the only highlight of this ’special edition’ was the spoiler! Those accessories are kind of expensive! I will stick on the standard styling of the Camaro. 

I like its name, very aggressive. The design makes it look awesome and powerful, but I think this will not put into production because they can’t replace Veyron easily. I guess it would be better if they just promote their movie instead!

This new Camaro Transformer Edition is really a great idea, the name of it really suit for the look of this Camaro. I am pretty sure that this special edition of Camaro will be a big hit for the market sales.

OK. The car is impressive. I like the way they had shown how the car was created. The technology they used for the sketch of the car is cool. I think it is a 3D Light-emitting diode screen wherein you can do whatever you want.

It is a good idea by Chevrolet to use the concept of Transformer since it is famous. The car is very cool with its yellow color. I will reserve for this one for this is surely a limited edition.

This is what we’re waiting for, a new Camaro transformers edition that all luxury car owners would like to take home. So, better start contacting your car agent to know more of the details.

Wow. It really looks like Bumblebee. I think, people who like cars will probably watch the latest Transformer.

I am pretty sure that Chevrolet cash registers everywhere are still ringing up to now. With the success of the Transformers movie, a lot of folks would definitely be going after this car.

This special editon Camaro Coupe is one of the hottest car of today. In the movie, you can actually see this gorgeous yellow car chasing other cars on the street. What are you waiting for? Go and watch the movie today to find out how exciting is this film.

You’re right, with the number of fan boys out there, they will certainly want to have a piece of this one. But one that wouldn’t really surprise me is if they would release another special version of this.

This special edition of the Chevrolet Camaro for Transformers is really amazing. I bet this one will literally hit the market more than the original Camaro.

Hmm, it seems that the movie is not doing well in the reviews. But who cares, I am still going to watch it anyway, simply because I love the robots and the cars.

All the Transformers nuts out there would probably want to get this one for themselves. This would really ad more to their I-am-Sam-Whitwickey fantasies. Well, count me in.

Still have to watch the movie this weekend, but I would say that this car is certainly gorgeous even with out that one. The Autobot insignia is definitely a winner for this one.

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