2012 Chevrolet COPO Camaro Concept

Whatever you think of the Chevrolet Camaro , you know that at the deep recesses of its heart, it’s a muscle car that’s only waiting to be unleashed on a drag strip. After all, the COPO Camaro was one of the best stock cars back in the 60’s, a time when the Central Office Production Order (COPO) - Chevrolet’s vehicle special-order program - became famous for all the performance-minded Camaros that were made, mostly with intentions of turning them into Stock Eliminator racers.

Half a century later, the COPO Camaro is making a comeback as a concept vehicle designed to the specifications for NHRA Stock Eliminator drag racing competition. One of the unique things about this particular Camaro is that it was designed to accommodate a few engine options, including that of the 7.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine that was found in the original COPO Camaros from yesteryear.

In terms of design, the COPO Camaro Concept pretty much adhered to its set-up as a full-spec drag car. Gone are all the bells and whistles that usually come in a standard Camaro. In their place, Chevrolet added a full array of race equipment, including a full, chrome molly roll cage, a high-rise cowl-induction system, a set of 29" lightweight, COPO-specific racing wheels wrapped in 4.5x28x15 "inch front tires. Inside, the car receives a pair of racing bucket seats with no rear seat, a safety harness for the driver, a competition floor shifter, and Chevrolet Performance gauges by Auto Meter.

The muscle car’s overall handling and set-up were tweaked to give it even more capabilities on the track. A coil-over suspension with Strange Engineering adjustable struts can be found in the front while a custom suspension with Strange Engineering shocks, a Panhard bar. and a stabilizer bar complete the exterior set-up of the muscle car.

UPDATE 11/08/2011: The Camaro COPO Concept unveiled at the SEMA Show is proof that the Camaro can be customized in any way possible. Check out the live images we have added in the picture gallery and let us know if you agree.

UPDATE 12/16/2011: GM Performance Parts has unveiled a new video presenting the Camaro COPO during testing. Enjoy!


well count me as one of the chosen ones. got a call friday that my name was chosen as one of the 69 to be able to buy a COPO camaro.(Said over 3000 had signed up as interested). Hope it lives up to it’s hype.!

The appearance is striking with the white paint and blue stripe on the hood. I like the hump style on the hood and the front lip.

Well, the aesthetic design and the hygienic body paint that they used on it, gives the classy and sophisticated looks on it. I will surely keep on looking forward to seeing this soon.

This is the most lovely Camaro concept ever! smiley Well, I must say that choosing of its body paint is really nice! However, I’m also hoping that it would as well have an impressive engine just like what other Camaro vehicles have.

Yeah! You are right Dwight Steven and just like you, I’m also glad to know that I could not only use it on a race! smiley However, I am quite curious if it can offer either an impressive interior?

This one is absolutely very different from the other Camaro cars because it is also so decent on its looks. The future owner of it, can’t only use it on the race but also on the road.

COPO Camaro is truly very different from the other camaro vehicle, and I must say that this is the best looking muscled car for me in spite of having only a simple styling.

I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will look like? Well, I hope that it is impressive as well as on its exterior appearance. I would surely wait for this one. smiley

This is the typical styling of a muscled car, but I’m still impressed on it, and I notice that it is much more a good-looking car on its simple graphic design and with its massive wheels.

This isn’t anything new, its just a response from Chevy to the new Ford Mustang CobraJet drag spec car. Ill give them credit though, it looks pretty fast but it will need to lose weight or get a big engine to be able to compete with the Mustang.

No wonder, that this is a muscled car. smiley Well, I must say that this comeback of Camaro is really awesome, and I would truly love to watch the race of this one. Anyway, what is the engine specification of this concept?

This concept is looks too bulky on its front. I’m afraid that it can only embarrass the driver of it and can only cause an accident. However, I can say that it was a good-looking car.

This concept of Chevrolet is one of the best muscled cars that I saw today, and I love the classy and hygienic body paint that it had. However, I’m quite curious on its interior features.

Well, expect it to have a nice engine specification guy, for the fact that this concept comes from Chevrolet. Anyway, I simply love this muscled car, for it is already very striking in its simplicity.

I wonder if what is the engine specification of this new concept of Chevrolet, well knowing them, I bet it is so striking as well as on the awesome exterior appearance of this one. 

I’m impressed with this new model of muscled car from a Camaro. Well, the aesthetic design and the hygienic body paint that they used on it, is gives the classy and sophisticated looks on it. I will surely keep on looking forward to see this soon.

I wonder if what engine they were going to use on this concept of them? Anyway, I must say that this one is absolutely looking great on its aesthetic design, but I hope they also include some pictures of its interior.

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