2012 Chevrolet Corvette

Most automakers wait for a huge auto show to reveal updates for one of their more popular models, but Chevrolet is changing it up by presenting the 2012 updates for their beloved Corvette at the C5/C6 Bash at the National Corvette Museum. Luckily, the anticipation for a New York Auto Show reveal wasn’t a total bust as somehow or another the first details for the 2012 Corvette were revealed ahead of schedule. Now, Chevrolet is releasing the full spectrum of details just a few days before the vehicle’s grand reveal at the Museum extravaganza.

Most of the changes made to the Corvette show up in the Z06 and ZR1 models, with a new High Performance Package and a new Ultimate Performance Package. The only changes made across the Corvette board will be a host of interior modifications.

UPDATE 06/09/2011: A 2012 Corvette ZR1 equipped with new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires has tackled the ZR1’s Nurburgring time set in 2008, shaving off more than six seconds. The ZR1’s new time of 7:19.63 gets that much closer to the record holding 7:18 run of the Porsche GT2 RS, but more importantly, provides the Corvette with ammo against the Dodge Viper ACR (7.19 seconds), the Nissan GTR (7:26.7), Ferrari Enzo (7:25.21), and the Pagani Zonda F Clubsport (7:24.44).

UPDATE 06/14/2011: Chevrolet has announced full specs and prices for the 2012 Corvette. And the bad news is that compared to the 2011 MY, the 2012 Corvette will be a little bit more expensive: prices will range from $49,525 for the base coupe version up to $111,525 for the ZR1 version. There is a price increase of about $480-$1,150 based on the model. Hit the jump for the full details. (CorvetteBlogger)

Hit the jump for full details on the Chevrolet Corvette.


Chevrolet Corvette

The new model year for the famous sports car will come with improved performance, especially for the Z06 and ZR1 versions. The ZR1 will receive a new Z07 High Performance Package that includes black cup style lightweight 19" front and 20" rear wheels, Michelin PS Cup tires, and a 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission. For the Z06, Chevrolet will be offering a new Ultima Ultima te Performance Package that adds Performance Traction Management (PTM) which was previously exclusive to the ZR1, Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, Michelin PS Cup tires, black cup style lightweight aluminum wheels, and Magnetic Selective Ride Control.

The new set of optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires, 285/30-19 (front) and 335/25-20 (rear), are matched with all-new aluminum Cup-style wheels in satin black or machined finishes. They are about five pounds lighter (2.2 kg) and also stronger than the 20-spoke wheel offered in 2011. The 2012 Corvette will also get a racing-style spoiler for improved aerodynamics and a carbon fiber hood.

"We constantly strive to make the Corvette a better car on the road and the track," says Tadge Juechter, Corvette vehicle line director and chief engineer. "For 2012, the Corvette lineup achieves its highest performance level ever, while at the same time being easier to drive and enjoy thanks to several changes and new features inside the car."


The interior updates for the Corvette will take place across the entire range. Each model will come with a new seat design featuring a larger bolster on the seat back and cushion areas, which provide better driver support, especially in high-performance driving. These seats will also come with optional Microfiber suede seat inserts for additional support. Further driver and passenger support can be attained in the padded center console and armrests. The steering wheel isn’t exactly padded like the rest of the interior, but it does get minor revisions in the form of a streamlined switch trim, wrapped spokes, and some model-specific badges.

Another addition to the Corvette’s interior is the new Bose uplevel audio system, which includes nine speakers (compared to seven in 2011) for improved audio quality.


Chevrolet Corvette

The changes made to the 2012MY were minimal once you take into consideration that everything under the hood remained completely untouched. The Z06 version still gets a 7.0 Liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 505 hp at 6300 rpm and 470 lb.-ft. of torque at 4800 rpm. The ZR1 version will use the same 6.2 Liter LS9 aluminum block V8 engine with a total of 638 hp at 6500 rpm and 604 lb.- ft. of torque at 3800 rpm. The Z06 version will hit 198 mph, while the ZR1 will go up to 205 mph.


The new 2012 Corvette will go into production July 2011 with prices being announced at a later date. The entrance of the 2012 Corvette will also give way to the introduction of the Centennial Edition .

2012 Corvette Coupe$49,525
1LT Base Equipment Group$0
2LT Equipment Group$2,095
3LT Preferred Equipment Group$5,995
4LT Premium Equipment Group$9,495
2012 Corvette Convertible$54,525
1LT Base Equipment Group$0
2LT Equipment Group$2,095
3LT Preferred Equipment Group$7,995
4LT Premium Equipment Group$11,495
2012 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe$55,925
1LT Base Equipment Group$0
2LT Equipment Group$2,095
3LT Preferred Equipment Group$5,995
4LT Premium Equipment Group$9,495
2012 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible$59,525
1LT Base Equipment Group$0
2LT Equipment Group$2,095
3LT Preferred Equipment Group$7,995
4LT Premium Equipment Group$11,495
2012 Corvette Z06$75,525
1LZ Base Equipment Group$0
2LZ Preferred Equipment Group$4,310
3LZ Premium Equipment Group$8,815
2012 Corvette ZR1$111,525
1ZR Base Equipment Group$0
3ZR Premium Equipment Group$10,000


B92Carbon Fiber Hood for Z06$2,495
BA5Black Grand Sport Fender Badges$100
C2LRoof Package – Includes Painted and Glass Tops$1,400
CC3Glass Roof instead of Painted Roof$750
CCRSpecial order option$0
CFZZ06 Carbon Fiber Package$3,995
D30Color Combination Override$590
ERIBattery Protection Package$100
F55Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Grand Sports$1,695
F55Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Coupe/Conv$1,995
F55Magnetic Selective Ride Control – Z06$2,495
H33Cyber Gray Metallic Headlamp Override$590
H34Blade Silver Metallic Headlamp Override$590
H35Black Headlamp Override$590
J55Cross Drilled Brake Rotors$500
J6CSilver Brake Calipers$595
J6DDark Gray Brake Calipers$595
J6EYellow Brake Calipers$595
J6FRed Brake Calipers$595
MN66-Speed Manual Transmission$0
MYC6-Speed Paddle Shift Automatic Transmission$1,250
NPPDual Mode Exhaust$1,195
PBCCorvette Engine Build Experience$5,800
PDEZR1 Performance Package$1,495
PINCustomer Selectable VIN$5,000
R8CMuseum Delivery$490
R8EGas Guzzler Tax (ZR1)$1000
U3UNavigation 6.5” Screen$1,795
US96 Disc CD Changer$395
VK3Front License Plate Bracket$15
Z07Z06 Ultimate Performance Package$7,500
Z15Grand Sport Heritage Package$1,195
ZLCChevrolet Centennial Special Edition$4,950
**6Two-Tone Seating$695
36SCustom Leather Stitching – Yellow$395
37SCustom Leather Stitching – Blue$395
38SCustom Leather Stitching – Red$395
0B1Cross Flag Embroidery on Headrests$300
28UInferno Orange Metiallic$300
45UVelocity Yellow Premium Tintcoat$850
89UCrystal Red Premium Tintcoat$850


PYDCompetition Gray Aluminum – Grand Sport$395
PYEChrome Aluminum – Grand Sport$1,995
Q44Z06 Competition Gray$395
Q5VMachine Faced Cup Style – Z06$995
Q6BZR1 Chrome Aluminum$2,000
Q6JZR1 Competition Gray Aluminum$395
Q8AZ06 Chrome Aluminum$1,995
QX1Competition Gray Aluminum – Coupe/Conv$395
QX3Chrome Aluminum – Coupe/Conv$1,850
RQ1Machine Faced Aluminum – Coupe/Conv$895


Chevrolet Corvette

Depending on the trim level, the 2012 Corvette will take on models like the Jaguar XK and Nissan GT-R . The Jaguar XK has been redesigned for 2012 and is powered by a 5.0 Liter V8 that delivers a total of 385 HP and 380 lb-ft of torque or 510 HP in the XK-R version. The Corvette may have a higher power output, but the XK has the advantage of a more luxurious interior, something the Corvette has never been complimented on.

The Nissan GT-R comes with a 3.8-liter V6 twin turbo engine that delivers 475hp to 530hp at 6,400rpm and is by far one of the best looking sports cars on the market. The only thing is that the ZR1 is capable of a top speed of 205 mph, far better than the 193 mph of the GT-R.

  • Improved look
  • V8 engines with impressive output
  • Impressive performance numbers
  • Competition might offer a more luxurious interior


I hope that they would be lining up a new Corvette model too. Though I am satisfied with the current line of cars, I still wish that they would add a new one here.

Yeah, I am also looking forward to the work that they will do on the Z06. I hope they would enhance the body of that one in order to match the engine’s power.

Well, the one that I will be looking forward to is the set of changes that they will do to the Z06. I would really want to see how they would make this car even better.

Its seems that we found our new bat mobile! I cant believe that they been calling this car as the improved version!

I don’t like the look of this car, the long wheel based concept is kind of ridiculous for the corvette. I just wonder what is the speed performance of this car?

Ha, I am definitely going to stay tuned even if you don’t say that. It looks like that Chevrolet have quite a lot of updates for the Corvette, so I am looking forward to those.

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