2012 Chevrolet Corvette Carlisle Blue Grand Sport Concept

With the growing number of customized Camaros showing up at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show, it’s nice to see that Chevrolet hasn’t forgotten about their non-muscle sports car. The Corvette will be making its stand in Vegas with the Carlisle Blue Grand Sport Concept, created as a celebration of 30 years of "Corvettes at Carlisle," one of the largest annual Corvette events in North America.

The Carlisle Blue Grand Sport Concept is painted in a very cool Carlisle Blue exterior with exquisite Pearl White full-length racing stripes. This color combination is highlighted with Silver-painted Torque 2 wheels. The Corvette also benefited from carbon fiber front splitter and rockers, a full-width rear spoiler, and a Grand Sport style hood blanket. For the interior, Chevrolet has opted for Ebony/Titanium leather with blue stitching, a new Bose Premium Audio with nine speakers, a USB port and audio jack with iPod integration on the touch screen, and racing pedals.

Performance wasn’t forgotten either. Chevrolet also hooked up the celebratory model with a dual-mode exhaust and Magnetic Selective Ride Control to go with the standard 6.2 Liter 430-hp LS3 V8 engine.

Only a few images were released of the elegant Carlisle Blue Grand Sport Concept, but we’ll make sure to snap a few of our own when we get to the 2011 SEMA Auto Show next week!


Well, it looks better if it is on a V10 engine. smiley Anyway, I noticed that its silver-painted torque two wheels of if looks so attractive and very suited on the appearance of this Corvette.

Its exquisite Pearl White with full-length racing stripes is looking very awesome on it, and its dual-mode exhaust is really a nice idea on this one. Anyway, its engine is quite good enough for it.

Well, just like what I’ve expected on a Corvette car, this one is absolutely looks so awesome and attractive in its Carlisle Blue exterior body paint. However, even if the engine on this one is kind of impressive already, I think they should still need to upgrade it more.

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