2012 Chevrolet Sonic Z-Spec 1 Concept

If the Z-Spec 2.5 Concept is a little too much, then you’ll be happy to know that Chevrolet has another Sonic -based concept prepared for the 2012 SEMA Auto Show: the Sonic Z-Spec 1 Concept. This latest concept combines the Z-Spec’s exterior look with a more capable driving experience.

The Z-Spec 1 Concept is painted in a custom Synergy Green color combined with an Ashen Grey Sonic RS rear spoiler and Z-Spec stripe, as well as logos and Piano Black mesh-style upper and lower grilles with Ashen Grey surrounds. The final piece of the exterior is a new set of 18" wheels in a split-spoke design with Synergy Green inserts.

To improve the driving experience, Chevrolet has lowered the ride height with a Chevrolet Performance concept suspension kit, including lowering sprints, performance dampers, and a new concept brake kit featuring four-piston front disc brake calipers with 16-inch rotors. A new Borla exhaust system enhances the sound of the engine.

For the interior, Chevrolet combined Jet Black and Titanium with Chevrolet Accessories stainless steel pedal covers and sill plates. The concept also received some cool technologies like a MyLink color touch screen and Sub and Amp Kit, with a KICKER 200-watt DSP amp and a 200-watt powered subwoofer.


I still like it. I have to say that i like more this version with its technologies <3

this may become one of my favourite smal cars, if they make a version that looks like this one!

being a concept means this car will never be mass produced?

if one says a sonic , they should have a look a this one! this one kicks ass.

this sonic may be better than many other cars in its class. especially now, with the new changes!

smiley) that is a good one. i got your point and i agreesmiley) i don’t think that all this changes improve very much the car. for me is the same.

this is the type of chevrolet sonic everyone will appreciate!

i’ve always appreciated well made small cars. and this is one of them. it’s a tough little guy!

the spec-2 model is the hard-core version. this is a little more soft-core.

this version of the car is less tuned, but it still is more aggressive than the stock model.

this car could be suited for those who want a model looking better than the stock one, but not be a true rocket.

i’m not sure if this car will not look foollish with this subwoofer. actually, this could help the car to save some energy..if you know what i mean...

this z-spec-1 concept looks less powerful than the spec-2 concept. but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good car!

oh, and i definetly like the 200-watt powered subwoofer. that is coolsmiley

yeah...this color makes it to look less girlish than the red-white version

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