2012 Chevrolet Sonic Z-Spec 2.5 Concept

Let’s be fair, when someone buys a Chevrolet Sonic , they do it because they want a small car for their family, not because they want to update its looks at some point with some crazy tuning packages. That being said, the Sonic will still be well-represented at the 2012 SEMA Auto Show, allowing Chevrolet to prove to all of us that even a small car like the Sonic has an infinite number of personalizing possibilities.

One of these possibilities is the Z-Spec 2.5 Concept, which displays a number of parts from Chevrolet Performance and GM Accessories. The concept is painted in a very cool Abalone White Tricoat exterior paint combined with Z-Spec graphics and a very cool set of 18" wheels in Galvano Silver with Signal Red edges. The same Galvano Silver paint was used for the grille surround, fog lamp bezels, and door trims. The exterior updates continue with a very cool aerodynamic package, lower fascia extensions, and a rear spoiler. The company’s attention to detail is prevalent in the tinted windows and fog lamps, which combined with the other exterior add-ons, make the little Sonic almost unrecognizable.

The concept’s interior combines a Jet Black leather trim with Orange Crust leather inserts and orange accent stitching. There is also a leather-wrapped steering wheel, stainless steel pedal covers, and a very cool MyLink color touch screen. Chevrolet also threw in a Sub and Amp Kit with a KICKER 200-watt DSP amp and a 200-watt powered subwoofer for good measure.

To make the Sonic look mean with its small stature, the company lowered its ride using aChevrolet Performance concept suspension kit with lowering sprints and performance dampers. We’re not sure if the concept is now more powerful than the standard model, but we do know it has also received a cold-air intake kit and a Borla exhaust system.


"girl car"... i’m sure it is perfect for the infernal traffic that we have to face day by day. a small, useful and chic car

to me, looks more like a girl car.. especially in this color combination

small fast mean cars have their own appeal. the one who like them will surely buy them!

well, yes. i would definetly drive it day by day to get to the university. it’s cute and not large

i like this car. I think it’s appropriate to be driven every day, especially because it seems small, but not very small

mmmm .... no. certainly not. I do not like the look of the back of the car.

it’s a matter of taste if one likes or doesn’t like this car. i, for one, love it!

i imagine they are not going to make millions of this tuned up car. so the few hundred models will find their buyers.

who cares what the car has been designed for? it can always be turned arround!

these various versions of the sonic can be a cheap alternative to an aggressive looking car. and that usually sells well!

the citroen c2 used to be a very well sold car in europe, just because it could be very well and easily tuned. see a pattern here?

it looks like a hornet compared to a bee. the bee gives you honey, the hornet only stings. and this car carries quite a punch!

mean small cars have always been successful. why would’t this one be one of them?

people who want a small car for their family can also choose a golf. but then again, the golf gti is quite a successful car.

the car sure looks mean and aggressive. it may work!

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