1964 Chrysler Imperial

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Imperial was the Chrysler Corporation’s prestige automobile brand between 1955 and 1975, with a brief reappearance in 1981 through 1983.

The Chrysler Imperial had been the company’s most luxurious model, and in 1955 when the company decided to introduce a separate luxury brand, Imperial was the natural choice for the nameplate of the new spin off vehicle line. Imperial would see new body styles introduced every two to three years, a solid underpinning of very dependable V-8 engines and automatic transmissions, and technology that would filter down to the lower rungs of the Chrysler corporation’s sister offerings.

Chrysler Imperial

In 1961, Chrysler scored a coup by hiring Elwood Engel away from Ford, where he had designed the 1961 Lincoln Continental.

Engel’s design themes at Chrysler were a far cry from the wild fins of Virgil Exner, and instead featured the more familiar "three-box" design with more rectangular, angular cars with straight-line styling.

The 1964 Lincolns and 1964 Imperials bear many of the same design hallmarks. A split grille returned, and the fake spare tire bulge moved from the trunk lid to the rear, incorporating the rear bumper in a very squared-off lump.

Chrysler Imperial

A large boss in the center of it was actually the fuel filler door, covered with a large Imperial Eagle, with chromed bars going outward that terminated in the taillights. The base Imperial model was now gone; the cars were now available as Imperial Crown or Imperial LeBaron levels of trim in four-door hardtop sedan, two-door hardtop Crown Coupe, or convertible versions. The LeBaron during this period had a formal rear window—reduced in size.

Chrysler Imperial

Drive in true American style with this great great big powerful luxury car. Its the best way to describe the feeling of driving this car is it makes you feel like royalty. This car from 1964 has power everything. The 413 C.I. engine can turn this cruiser into a rocket ship, and the push button automatic transmission makes a nice launch button.


This model is amazing and classy. According to Webster’s Dictionary the adjective imperial means sovereign, supreme, superior or of unusual size or excellence.

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