2007 Chrysler Crossfire

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The 2007 Chrysler Crossfire comes with a unique monochromatic look. Its sleek, modern appearance, which is as distinct as the car itself, is given by a mono-tone Bright Silver Metallic exterior point scheme.

Sold by Daimler Chrysler’s Chrysler marque, the Crossfire is a rear-wheel drive sports car built for Daimler Chrysler by Karmann in Germany and shares over half of its components, including most of its interior, drivetrain and chassis, with the previous-generation (R 170) Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class. It is available as a coupe and as a roadster.

Chrysler Crossfire

The name Crossfire comes as a reference to the distinctive character lines that run from front to rear through the body sides. They create a surface that is upward facing as it passes over the rear fender, but they cross mid-way through the door to form a downward facing surface as they reach the front fender. Since this is the first car to be built after Chrysler Chrysler merged with Daimler-Benz and it shares elements from both houses, the name is a reference to their collaboration.

A new set of standard safety features for the 2007 Chrysler Crossfire includes a front passenger seat Occupant Classification System (OCS), a multi-stage driver front airbag, which is designed to deploy at different levels depending on the severity of impact and a passenger seatbelt pretensioners and constant force retractors, as well as knee airbag for both driver and passengers.


Distinctive lines and dynamic proportions are featured by the Chrysler Crossfire, as it is low-slung with sculpted appearance. The sportscar’s 19-inch rear wheels are emphasized by its tapered, “boat tail” appearance, which is instantly recognizable in the Crossfire’s rear view. A retractable spotter designed into the rear of both Coupe and Roadster versions activates when the car reaches 60 mph.

Chrysler Crossfire

Just behind the driver and passenger seats, satin painted sport bars appear, to achieve a more dynamic look of the Crossfire Roadster. Its rakish appearance is completed by the two race-inspired fairings integrated into the top of the tonneau cover.

The Chrysler Crossfire’s dynamic view is given by a long hood and fast back. While the front wheels measure 18 inches, the car’s broad shoulders envelop 19-inch rear wheels, which give the side profile a poised stance.

The reputation of the name “Chrysler” is given by its character line that crosses to a negative formation as it travels from the front through the rear fender. From the bottom of the front fascia, a central spine runs through the grille, hood and into the rear deck and fascia. This center spine shape appears to continue from the instrument panel through the windshield and onto the hood, inspiring similar design cues in other Chrysler brand vehicles.

Chrysler Crossfire

The seats of the Crossfire Limited are trimmed in leather, with Chrysler’s signature winged badge embossed into both head restraints. Opposite to the steering column on the instrument panel, the ignition switch is located, while the car’s precise, white-on-black gauges feature black bezels and satin silver trim rings. The metallic finish of the center console flows from the top of the instrument panel through the center of the car to achieve a twin cockpit look. Throughout the interior, satin silver accents are featured, including the doors, steering wheel and instrument cluster.


The 2007 Chrysler Crossfire is available with a new standard safety equipment, which include a front passenger seat OCS, a multi-stage driver airbag designed to deploy at different levels, depending on the severity of impact and a passenger front airbag. Also included are driver and passenger seatbelt pretensioner and constant force retractors and airbags for both driver and passenger.

Chrysler Crossfire

Dynamically measured, the Chrysler Crossfire Coupe has a body structure that is twice as stiff as a Porsche Boxster Porsche Boxster and as stiff as a Porsche 911. With this technical achievement, the Crossfire Coupe demonstrates sedan-like ride comfort, without sacrificing the handling characteristics that true sports cars require.

In parallel with the Coupe, the Chrysler Crossfire Roadster was developed from its inception to enhance the Roadster’s structural rigidity. The drivers will enjoy a tight, solid and quiet ride with the exceptional body stiffness of 29.2 Hz ensured by the Roadster’s proven engineering. More torque (229 lb-ft) is offered by the Chrysler Crossfire Roadster compared to the 192 lb-ft of the Porsche Boxster and the 214 lb-ft of the BMW Z4.

The 215 hp and 229 lb-ft of torque at 3,000 rpm are delivered for both Coupe and Roadster drivers by a 3.2 liter, 90-degree, 18-valve, single-overhead-cam V6 engine.

A standard ESP, designed to help drivers maintain control during maneuvers and low traction conditions is included in the Chrysler Crossfire Chrysler Crossfire . It senses when the car is starting to spin or plow and attempts to correct the vehicle’s course by automatically controlling the throttle and applying the brakes at individual wheels.

Chrysler Crossfire

On all Chrysler Crossfire models, all-speed traction control is also standard. It senses drive-wheel slip and individually brakes the slipping wheel and/or reduces excess engine power until control is regained. Thus the Crossfire’s mobility is improved and the wheel slip is prevented when accelerating on slippery surfaces.

The standard four-wheel, ABS with Brake Assist of the Crossfire Coupe and Roadster keep the vehicle straight and retain steering capability when braking on slippery surfaces, by preventing wheel lockup.


Between Chrysler Crossfire and BMW Z4, the Z4 is more expensive and it produces more horsepower (255 hp – 215 hp). Crossfire has a larger engine, a better Highway and City Mileage and Premium Wheels are standard.

With the Nissan 350Z, Crossfire is more expensive, has a better City Mileage and the Cruise Control is standard. The 350Z features a larger engine (3.5L – 3.2L) and produces more horsepower (300 hp – 215 hp). 


I like the look of this Car They should make Another with more power.

I have a 2004 White Crossfire. I fell in lust with it from the time I first seen it. The manual 6 speed transmission is a little sluggish. Everyone has to stare as you pass by...they envy my car! I’ll bet they do not envy me when I have to purchase the tires...nor when you need service. Be very careful that you do exactly what the Extended Warranty ’fine print’ instructs...or the Chrysler Service Department will void your warranty! Just ask the inexperienced service people here at Kernersville Chrysler Dodge, North Carolina. Just ask for Tim Mitchell (owner).

I own a 2005 Limited and strongly recommend Chrysler add two improvements; a 6 way adjustable passenger seat and climate control. In the class the Crossfire is competing these are not options.

I couldn’t agree more, I’ve been an auto journalist for the past 3 years and I’m in brand new cars everyweek. I spent a week in the Crossfire SRT8 version a while back and I instantly fell in love with it. To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense me owning a new car but if I did, there is no question what it would be, the Crossfire is awesome!

I live in Ohio and i have a 2005 black limited CrossFire coupe i have never in joyed a car as much as i do my cross fire .it is the best looking little two seater on the road any where..It turns heads and people all way`s ask me how i like it,and i tell them like is not the right word for my car it`s love...This car of mine well never see winter or rain it has a heated gradge for the winter and aircondtion for the hot rainey day`s..Thank you Chrysler and Mercedes for the hottest sexyest sleakest most beautyful two seater on the road great job...I truely love my car..it will never see a dealer ship lot again ..I never thought you could have this great of a realation ship with a car ..but i sure have one with my 2005 cross fire....keep up the great work Chrysler and mercedes ,,working to gether to bring the best and hottest car`s to the roads.

Just one question for anyone willing to answer. What’s up with an oil change on the 05 Crossfire? I took my car to the dealer for an oil change only to be told that my total bill would be $134.00. That’s right, $134.00! My car took 8 1/2 quarts of synthetic oil. Where in the world do you put that much oil? Someone please tell me that they are paying the same or nearly the same amount? Any takers?

I have an ’04 Crossfire Limited by the name of RIPKORD and I turn heads left and right. I live in Northeast WI and when I bought this car over two years ago there were none around. A few people fell in love with the car and got their own but there are still very few of these cars around here. Everyone asks what kind of a car it is and I am proud to tell them that it is the love child of the Americans and the Germans. Perfect 10 on this automobile. Need to go get her ready for hibernation now. Enjoy!

I own a 2005 CROSSFIRE LIMITED ROADSTER. I LOVE IT! I have been told by the dealer I bought it from that Chrysler is no longer going to bring the CROSSFIRES into the US. If this is true it is a crying shame.

I still love driving my 04. Have no intentions of trading it in for an 07. I really can’t even see a difference in the body style. It is fun watching heads turn!!

07 is the same as 04 or 05 but the true crossfire is the 2004 crossfire which was just the limited and one and only, it is the actual classic of the crossfire, that one model is the one that is gonna be worth something in later years and if u ask why i will gladly explain anyways mine is parked in my garage and its calling my name...soo later guys im gonna go explore the world thru my windshield of my ebony pegasus

I have an 04’ wht. loaded,w/man.trans-its great!Those boys at chrysler realy should have made the 330hp.supercharged available w/ the 6sp trans. realy stupid not to have guys!THINK BETTER NEXT TIME.would’ve made the crossfire realy great.

Is the 2007 Crossfire going to be released in the U.S., and if so, when? I can’t find any information on the 2007s.

Owning the 2005 Crossfire I was impatiently awaiting the 2007 to appear. After viewing the video of the 2007 model, I think it is sleek, sporty and outstanding it its field of sports cars. However, the 2005 model still has the ’07 beat. I think the ’07 model seems to replicate the 280Z and I was trying to avoid that look. That’s why so many heads turn and ask the question...what kind of car is it? It’s like no other car on the market! In a class of its own! I love my ’05 and would not trade it in for the’07 model. Sorry Chrysler...but you broke the mold on the "05 and I love it!

love this car

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