2011 Chrysler 300S Concept

A while ago, Chrysler had announced that the "SRT8" version of the new 300 model would be dropped and replaced by the "S" version. As a result, the company has revealed the 300S concept at the Spring Festival of LX in Irvine, California. This concept is a preview version of the production vehicle set to debut next year.

The S version will be distinguished by a new grille, bumpers, headlights, alloy wheels, and aerodynamic improvements. The interior will also get some distinguishing marks with some dedicated coatings. Rumors also suggest that the S version will get framework calibration.

Nothing has been said about the concept’s power just yet, but we surely expect it to be higher than the standard 300 model sporting a 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 292 HP and 260 lb-ft of torque. Expect a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine with 363 HP for the production 300S.

The Chrysler 300S will also have an equivalent on the European market where the Chrysler 300 is sold as the Lancia Thema.

Check out the video of the reveal after the jump. Skip to the 2m, 10sec mark to get to the actual reveal of the car.


oh! I did not agree with this. It has a less factor to be consider a good model, It is so simple and less appealing beauty that you will definitely snob.

I cant say any good version of this car. It has a lot thing to revised just to make the process more relevant and create an amazing concept.

Well, as I noticed that every now and then Chrysler has been releasing car. Well, I’m not really a fan of sedan cars.

It seems to be a good in style with a good radar. Its pretty cool appearance. But it looks the oldest version of it is like a boring type of car.

Its a pretty cool, Aside from its sedan version, the unveiled back reveals its cool feature designs. That will surely enjoy the fuel efficiency of it.

I like the simplicity of this car but it seems to be boring and I never sense any appealing ability to perform better. It’s total production is not popular. I suggest to make it some revised the features and the main concept of this car.

@eddie_long , Well, I don’t think that this idea is somewhat not good for the sales of the Chrysler. I bet this would be an ace when released!

Hope this one just remains a concept. Don’t get me wrong guys, the car looks good, but it somewhat doesn’t fit my idea of Chrysler’s rides.

This one actually doesn’t look bulky as I thought it was at first. And I am starting to love those wheels, they really fit in perfectly to the car.

Yeah, I agree with you on that one, it does look kind of heavy. But knowing Chevy’s orientation nowadays, they would probably try to make this as fuel efficient as possible.

Well, I heard that it will make it debut on next year. I haven’t read the specification of the car, but I think this concept is a gas guzzler plus it’s kind of heavy. 

Well, it would definitely be good if it has additional power. The previous 300 is really good enough but it somewhat feels lacking in the power department.

Well, it does look much better than the previous concept. And since this is the preview for the actual production vehicle, then this definitely looks promising.

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