Citroen C3

Citroen C3

A year after Citroen pulled the covers off of the C3 Red Block Concept at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show , the French automaker is returning to the same event with the production version of the model, appropriately called the "C3 Red Block Special Edition."

The car will be part of a strong delegation for the Frenchies with the C3 Red Block Special Edition carrying some of the distinctive characteristics that were done on the concept version. The model will be made available in five different paint finishes - Shark Blue with a matching bumper strip, Banquise White, Aluminum Grey, Manitoba Grey, and Obsidian Black with a gloss black bumper strip. On top of the plethora of hues buyers can choose from, the C3 Red Block Special Edition will also sport a modified steering wheel system, a set of new 17" diamond-effect rims wrapped in 205/40 tires, a modified chassis, and a lowered suspension set-up that drops the car’s ride height by 25mm.

Inside, the C3 Red Block Special Edition gets treated to some fancy make-overs, particularly the gloss black dashboard fascia, which adds a certain panache to the car. There are also aluminum-finished pedals and front door surrounds, a smaller sports steering wheel, and as an option to prospective buyers, red leather upholstery.

Engine options are also part of the offering for the special edition C3. For this bad boy, customers can opt to choose from an e-HDi 90 diesel, an e-HDi 100 diesel, and a VTi 120 petrol engine, with the respective outputs ranging from 90-120 horsepower.

With only one week away from the Geneva Motor Show, Citroen is giving us a glimpse of some of the models they will be revealing in Switzerland. To be honest, we expected something along the lines of the Survolt concept revealed last year, but their Facebook official page is showing something a little less extravagant. Citroen’s new C3 Red Block model will make its official debut on March 3rd, 2011, and is described as the rebel version of the city car.

The French manufacturer hasn’t said a work about any engine updates the car may have received, but they did announce that the Red Block version will come with a lowered suspension, a new set of 17" wheels, and a matte red Thorium tint with a 3D Bulldog carved dashboard.

The goal of transforming the C3 into a more devilish reincarnation of itself is to attract younger buyers, but with no engine updates to speak of as of yet, we don’t know how successful Citroen will be in getting the kiddies to buy this car.

We rarely hear from the Musketier tuning firm, but that doesn’t mean that mean these guys have fallen off the face of the earth. Recently, the German tuning company that specializes on aftermarket works done on Toyota , Citroen and Peugeot vehicles unveiled their latest work on the Citroen C3 .

Taking inspiration from the higher-spec DS3 , Musketier went out and added some new aesthetic touches on the C3, including the addition of LED daytime running lights on the car’s vertical front bumper with a matching contrasting color painted on the edges of the C3’s fenders and the lower edge of the bumper. On top of that, Musketier also reshaped the car’s rear lower lip to be able to install the twin exhaust system. The tuning firm also lowered the car’s overall ride height by 35 mm and while also installing a set of 18” wheels. Over at the interior, Musketier dressed up the C3 with leather upholstery while adding touches of carbon fiber and aluminum. Finally, the German tuning company also tweaked with the C3’s electronic system, resulting in a boost in output from 115 horsepower to 129 horsepower.

At face value, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of changes done on the C3, but nonetheless, Musketier’s work is still worth noting, especially if you’re as big fans of the C3 as we are.

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Volvo S60

In the glorious country that is the United States of America, we have an interesting and ineffective way of naming our favorite vehicles. It seems every magazine - and sometimes states - gets to name their favorite car of the year. While this can be great for the automaker’s advertising, it can confuse the public just a tad. What car is better here, the winner of Magazine A or Magazine B?

In Europe, things go a bit smoother. Seven different publications from seven different countries pick what they think is the best car of the year. It takes a few months, but in the end you get one winner, which was the Opel Insignia last year.

The finalists for this year came down to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta , Citroën C3/DS3 , Renault/Dacia Duster , Ford C-Max/Grand C-Max , Nissan Leaf , Opel/Vauxhall Meriva , and Volvo S60/V60 .

If those are the choices, we choose the Alfa. The Volvo puts up a strong case, but nothing compares to that Italian soul and passion. Despite our pick, we doubt the jurors will feel the same.

So which vehicle do you think deserves to be Car of the Year? Hit us up in the comments section below.

Put a cherry on top of this special-edition Citroen C3 Picasso because it sure as heck is mouth-watering.

The French automaker already has a slew of special edition models for the C3 Picasso, but the company figured that there’s no harm in adding another member to the family.

So that being said, feast your eyes on this cherry-popping ride straight from the C3 Picasso family, the “BLACKCHERRY”.

If first impressions could kill, then this hot hatch should be tried for murder. While the car’s technical specs aren’t exactly what you’d call a game changer – a 1.6-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 90 horsepower doesn’t really strike fear in anyone – the overall look of the car, especially the spectacular use of the two-tone cherry red and glossy black finish, is cherry hotness personified.

The exterior paint is complimented by the same use of the two colors for the car’s interior detailing, as well as on the side mirrors, the roof rails, and even on the wheels. Speaking of the wheels, there’s nothing mundanely ordinary about those, either. Keeping up to the overall theme of the BLACKCHERRY, Citroen used a set of 17-inch cherry red diamond-tipped alloy wheels on the special edition hatchback, providing a fitting completion to one hot piece of hatchback – a cherry on top of the sundae, if you will.

Although the number of C3 Picasso BLACKCHERRY models wasn’t announced, the car is expected to come with a sticker price of £15,195 – about $24,000 at the current exchange rates.

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Care to see your car designing ambitions come to fruition? Citroen’s giving you the opportunity to do so. Then again, all you need to do is win the company’s new DS3 Design Competition. Sounds easy, right?

The French company is opening up a contest that pits would-be designers to compete for the right to design the DS3’s roof and dashboard. OK, it’s not exactly as glamorous as designing the whole car, but its still a shot at getting your work recognized.

And if you’re thinking that the contest will be judged by also-rans and never-heards, then, well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A slew of heavyweight designers representing GQ, Louis Vuitton, and the Cartier Foundation will be on-hand to judge your work. Should you win, your personally-designed DS3 will be proudly displayed at theParis Motor Show and also at Citroen’s very own C 42 show on the Champs Elysees.

This may look like a fun thing to do, but we strongly suggest that anybody who’s even contemplating on pulling this off should reconsider their options.

Citroen ’s new commercial, which they’ve so conveniently titled ’Swing’, takes two ballsy teenagers on a ride of a lifetime on-board the new 2010 C3 hatchback . Of course, when we say ride, that leaves plenty of room for misinterpretation so we’ll just invite you to check out the video to see why, despite the thrills you’ll most likely get by doing this, we still suggest you take the figurative high road and keep your wheels on the ground.

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The new generation Citroen C3 will go on sale this November. Sold in more than 2 million units until now, the C3 is one of the most successful models on the European market.

Citroen C3

The new C3 will get new powerplants starting 2011, incorporating second-generation Stop & Start. Coupled with five- and six-speed electronic gearboxes, they will equip diesel versions emitting only 95 and 90 g/km de CO2. In short, the new generation of three-cylinder engines will enable versions emitting less than 100 g/km de CO2.

With a length of 3.94 m, a width of 1.71 m and a 10.2 m turning circle, it is perfect for the city.

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Citroen unveiled at the Paris Auto Show the second generation Stop & Start technology. It was displayed using this white and orange C3 Picasso. The new technology will be introduced in 2010 and will be available on a range of gas and diesel models.

Citroen C3 Picasso with Start-Stop technology

The special show car offers even better economy than the standard model with almost 70mpg on the combined cycle as well as low CO2 emissions of just 110g/km thanks to the new Stop & Start technology and six-speed EGS (Electronic Gearbox System). When the new C3 Picasso is launched in 2009, diesel versions will be fitted with a Particulate Filter System and will meet the Company’s green ‘Airdream’ criteria (CO2 emissions below 130 g/km when running on gas, under 158 g/km if the vehicles is running on diesel.)

The new-generation Stop & Start system will retain the combined alternator-starter unit, which Citroen claims provides quiet, smooth and almost instantaneous restarts, and will produce even better fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Improving the system’s environmental performance further, the new generation Stop & Start will also recover energy during braking and deceleration to recharge the vehicle’s battery without consuming fuel.

Citroen will unveil the all new C3 family body style at this year’s Paris Motor Show, ahead of launch in first-quarter 2009. The C3 Picasso is a concept vehicle that revolutionizes user-friendliness with its intuitive modular design that allows owners to optimize interior space in record time.

Citroen C3 Picasso

Measuring 4.08 m long, 1.73 m wide and 1.62 m tall, it has a surprisingly compact front end and a strictly vertical rear end. These original proportions provide an incredible amount of cabin room. The boot is equally capacious, boasting up to 500 litres VDA under the parcel shelf with all five seats in place.

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