2010 Citroen DS3 Just Black

Citroen Italia in cooperation to Partner Convivio 2010 (the largest charitable operation in Italy) has unveiled the special edition DS3 Just Black. After being displayed in Milan from June 10 to 15, this special edition will be auctioned with all the proceeds going to ANLAIDS Lombardia - an association fighting against AIDS.

The DS3 JUst Black features a matte black body combined with a shiny black roof. The interior will get red tape on the passenger side. Under the hood there is a 1.6 turbo THP engine that delivers a total of 155 Hp.


Well, I think that Citroen needs to be focused on how they could boost more the speed performance of their vehicle. Anyway, I am not really into a powerful vehicle, but it would be more impressive if it also had a nice performance.

Just like them I’m kind of disappointed on its speed performance but surely the exterior appearance of this DS3 Just black is very impressive. So classy and aggressive.

Agreed that the car doesn’t have an impressive performance. However, its a good thing that they are doing this thing for charity.

That’s too generous for the Citroen to give the proceed of the sold car to AIDS patients. I wonder on how many units the have sold?

I agree that there’s too many blings on the exterior but wheels are extremely gorgeous! I hope to drive on one of this car!

I like platform of this car it look so cute on that size. However, I think the design for the exterior seems to be bloat loaded and the speed performance is not that impressive.

I just wonder if this car is already out in the market or what? I want to read more updates about this car? I think a boost a little in the power output wouldn’t be a pain in the neck for the Citroen.

Sorry guys, but I think this car is just a collaboration of Honda and Nissan.
The detailing is kind of boring as well as the speed performance. In overall, nothing spectacular about this car.

i dont care what anyone else thinks but i like the look of it. Not a big fan of all the different colour schemes, but I wouldnt’ mind one in all white, black rims and burgundy leather interior with piano black accents.

Got some cool concept, and am impress with that kind of Black features with a matte black body combined with a shiny black roof.

The premium market intentions of the DS range, the interior of the DS3 features a largely black dash with a gloss white panel running along its length.

Looks better and aggressive than the mazda 2 and ford fiesta.

one of a kind and very distinct design.. i guess i have a new favorite sub compact car.

Cool! it’s front bumper’s design does look like the one that is installed on one-77 aston martin.

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