2010 Citroen DS3 Yves Saint Laurent Special Edition

What do you get when you combine the first model of the Citroen DS line with a designer that is synonymous with high-end fashion? If you answered the special edition Citroen DS3 Yves Saint Laurent, then give yourself a good pat on the back - or at least let somebody do it for you.

Similar to the standard model of the DS, this special edition Citroen hatchback comes with a new red exterior color that’s combined with the black roof with that unmistakable Yves Saint Laurent logo.

Unfortunately, the car isn’t for sale and was mainly used to bring VIP guests to the grand opening of the retrospective exhibition of Saint Laurent’s entire body of work at the Petit Palais museum last Wednesday.


The roof design is superb. The wheels are striking. It would be more practical if they provide more images of its interior, but for me, it’s good to have it right away. 

No doubt, that it really looks so cool and cute on its platform. I just wonder on its other feature or specification. Well, I hope they also update the article about this awesome vehicle.

I honestly don’t know too much of the brand but the car surely looks cool to me.

Well I guess that only VIPs and high ranked people get to ride it. If it will be used for the grand opening of the exhibition, what will be it’s use after wards? Well, if they are going to sell it and mark the price a whole lot higher than what a hatchback from Citroen prices, I don’t think it will sell a lot. Maybe for the ladies who loves his fashion.

I guess the reason why Citroen created a special edition is just to keep the marketing engine selling.

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