2011 Citroen DS3 Grey Matter

One of the most impressive Citroens ever launched - the DS3 - is now being offered in a "Grey Matter" limited edition. The special edition will only be limited to 750 units and will be offered in VTi 120 and THP 150 versions, priced at €23,400 and €24,950 ex-VAT respectively.

The new DS3 "Grey Matter" edition will be distinguished by a matte gray body with chrome detailing on the side mirrors, side strips, and tail light casings. The roof comes in black or white and is enhanced by a decorative kit and 17-inch diamond alloy wheels in the same colors.

For the interior, the special edition will get Mistral leather and a MyWay Select Comfort Pack, which includes automatic climate control, the MyWay navigation system, and the HiFi system.

The DS3 Grey Matter will have two engines to choose from: the VTi 120 version which gets a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine with 148 HP and a THP 120 model that will be powered by a four-cylinder engine with an output of 154 HP.


The car color is really classic and elegant. I admire those decorative wheels and the side strips.

It’s a good concept to have. The choice of color output is fine. The offering to the interior of this car is great most on the navigation system and the Hi-Fi System.

Yeah! I’m also quite curious about the gray matter of it. Well, I will surely wait for this one. I am hoping that it would also have an impressive engine output that could deliver a nice speed on it.

So, I am really expecting this one to be on its whole grey matter! smiley Anyway, I have to agree that it is absolutely looks very impressive and great on that body paint, I’m just curious on its interior.

Impressive car, very distinct design and concept. Citroen DS3 Grey trustfully one of the enhanced and compact car. I like its classy color it look expressive to it.

Citroen DS3 Grey Matter is very intriguing for me, I really want to see this one on person before I could give some further comment.

I think the elegance it had shown is just because of the background. The car is in the center, and it is the only thing that is fully shown. I wonder why it is named Grey Matter because I knew a cartoon show entitled Ben10 and one the alien there is Grey Matter.

Yeah, that’s right! It looks more classic and elegant cars. It’s like a crown prince and princesses are driving this car!

I must admit that I am not really fond of the grey color scheme, but it actually works out well for ths one. It somewhat gave the car a certain feel of elegance.

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