2011 Citroen DS3 Serie Noire

Citroen is further expanding its DS3 line-up with the addition of the Series Noire set to be revealed in just a few days at the Geneva Motor Show. There will be only 750 units built, based on either the THP 150 and HDi 110 engines. Prices will start at €24,750 - or about $33,800 at the current exchange rates.

The "Serie Noire" edition will be distinguished by matte black bodywork, a shiny black roof, 17-inch black, diamond-tipped Bellone wheels, a chrome-plated rubbing strip, and chrome-plated door mirror housings.

On the interior, the model will add Mistral/Lama leather upholstery with the fascia trim, air vent surrounds, interior door handle trim, and gear lever knob in the same shiny black color found on the roof. Standard equipment will include a MyWay navigation system and a HiFi system.

No modifications have been made under the hood, but with the added perks, this special edition gets a bit closer to the more powerful DS3-R model.


Elegant hatch......citroen has nailed the special edition concept of the DS3. Definitely a must have to hatchback lovers

Wow, we might fall in love with this DS3. The exterior was shiny in black. The bumper and hood contrast, but in a good output. The interior is high-tech with navigation and hi-fi system.

This one really looks so cool and classy on its sleek body paint! I also noticed that the design of its wheel is looking awesome with it. Anyway, I wonder if what is the engine specification of it?

Matte black bodywork? Will that really looks impressive? And I think it is better if they add some interior pictures of this one, and I wondered if what will be the figure performance of this one.

Masculine and strong choice of color. hatchback gesture definitely stunning. Actually, looks very serious and formal. Prior to its concept, exterior wise, nice even choice of headlights definitely high-end variety of car.

I’m impressed with its glossy sophisticated and classy body paint, but I wonder on the other speculations of this car and how about its figure performance? Well, I’ll wait for that. smiley

I love the sophisticated and elegant look of this Citroen DS3 Serie Noire but I wonder if what the interior will look like, I just wish that they elaborate also the feature that it had.

Good thing that they are putting in a lot of things fore the DS3 Serie Noire. I would say that this one is the best looking SUV to have come out of Citroen, and it really deserves all the work.

This one is actually my favorite in the DS3 line. I really like how this looks, especially with the black color that they have used for the body and the features that it has.

Nice car, It looks getting better and lovelier to its decent design. It is indeed actually gorgeous to its exterior design.

Yes! It is definitely a good color looks so elegance and cool appearance,which contain a very pleasing model.

Those wheels are definitely the must haves for this one, really looks nice on the car. And the black color is definitely a good choice for the whole thing.

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