2011 Citroen Tubik

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If you thought the Volkswagen NILS was a crazy concept, check out Citroën’s latest vehicle. This car looks like the guys over at Citroën dropped acid and designed an out-of-this-world van to capture the most fun out of a long journey.

The Tubik pays homage to its old predecessors, the 1939 Tub van and the 1948 Type H that was in production until the late 70s. The Tubik features a major leap in technology and design, probably none of which will ever see production. But boy do we love dreamers....

The images provided by Citroën are intended to capture the public with "a concept car designed to make travel meaningful again." That being said (by Citroën), we couldn’t think of a groovier way to travel than in this modern, MPV-type, snout-nosed people carrier.

The entire cabin is replete with violet lounge seats, glass encasing, and probably enough LED lighting to make Audi blush with embarrassment. And take a look at the driver’s quarters, it looks like something Segway makes. The cockpit, if that’s what you can call it, is a dizzying array of curved inserts, euphoric lighting, and a bizarre seat. The spoke-less, magically lit (with center-mounted LCD screens for side views) is something that we think should go into immediate production..yesterday.

If Citroën decides to make anything remotely like this concept, snatch it up out of an abundance of "wow" factor.

Hit the jump to see a short press release and images of the baffling, beautiful concept.

Press Release


Citroen Tubik

With the launch of its Mulicity portal, CITROËN established itself as a facilitator of mobility. Today, continuing its research in this field, it is exploring a new area. Drawing upon its expertise and the best "Créative Technologie", CITROËN has developed Tubik, a high-tech executive shuttle based on one key idea: travel should be fun. Come with us on a shared, intelligent, connected and eco-friendly journey!

Today, it is journey time rather than distance that is important. In the modern world, information travels faster than people, the same journey can be made using a multitude of different means of transport, and consumers are looking first and foremost for an easy way of getting around. In consequence, the challenge for vehicle manufacturers is to develop solutions tailored to the mobility issues of the future. The Multicity project is the result of studies carried out by CITROËN on mobility. This project is already a reality with the launch in France of CITROËN Multicity, an online portal and routefinder that covers all available means of transport (car, train, plane, etc.) to make travelling easier.

Today, the Multicity project is moving into its next phase with a new solution: Tubik, a concept car designed to make travel meaningful again.


The car looked like a tube, the exterior detailing is great! The body paint looks good and very elegant. The car is very futuristic and high-tech, so classy interior design and very unique on it’s platform.

This Tubik looks weird and very confusing as a concept car. It is compared as a tablet machine or space craft in the outer space. It looks heavy and metallic. I don’t like the design; it was closely the same to the rail train of Japan in Osaka.

It looks really so unique to its platform. And I love the futuristic interior of this one.Its appearance is a bit odd, but it’s so funky without being wanky that I want one!!! And I had noticed that the front design is really looking so cute.

Tubik is really so unique to its platform, well at first I never thought that it is a fan! smiley Anyway, I love the futuristic interior of this one even for being such a spacious car.

I wonder if they really had any plan to put it on the market? Well, I hope they truly had, anyway I love the futuristic and so classy interior of this vehicle. It looks very awesome and striking on that.

Tubik is absolutely so unique on its platform and to be honest I never thought this one is a luxurious mini van! smiley Well, I only do hope that they really had the plan to put this one on the market.

It was rather looked like a cartoon car for me, smiley but I must say that I am really impressed with this concept, a very futuristic and luxurious van and I noticed that the front design is really looking so cute.

Very futuristic car, being unique and different gives unconditional attention and surely received different reaction about the vehicle. For me this is exceptional. From its exterior concept through the wheel gesture.

Really great car! Its unique. The style of this car is enough to me if i have this. This is my first time sees this car and i want to have this someday. smiley

A futuristic car with alienation feature of red light, purple interior a scissor door and a head turner design. Looking forward for this in the market.

Well, I have to say that I’m really captivated with the design of the car. And I like its wider space. The detailing on the vehicle is quite futuristic as well.

The platform of the vehicle really look so odd and less appealing. However, I was captivated with the wider space and futuristic design of this car. Anyway, I don’t think that Citroen will built a production for this concept.

the appearance is a bit odd but its so funky without being wanky that i want one!!!

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