2012 Citroen DS3 Racing Sebastien Loeb Special Edition

French automaker, Citroen , is probably most famous in the auto and racing circles for its dominance in the world of rally racing and in particular, it’s tie-up with 8-time WRC champ, Sebastien Loeb . So it only made sense that Citroen is bringing a special edition model of their DS3 Racing model to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show . The DS3 Sebastien Loeb SE model will be made available after Geneva at a still undisclosed price and will be limited to only 200 units.

On the aesthetic front, Citroen gave the car a special matte black paint finish - always a positive thing - with matching red graphics on the roof that pay homage to Loeb and all his career accomplishments in WRC. Likewise, the mirror caps, the grill rush, the fascia panel, and the base of the gear lever have all been decked in a red Arden finish.

Finally, the interior of the car gets a special numbered plaque signed by both Loeb and Daniel Elena celebrating their 8 championships in WRC with a corresponding numerical assignment on what model number the car is in relation to all 200 units.

You can expect to see the DS3 Racing Sebastien Loeb Special Edition at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show where it will be on hand together with the rest of Citroen’s contingent.


I agree with you lookatmycar. I also didn’t notice this one from since it was overshadowed.

The atrocious beauty of this one is still womanly.

It has this eccentric mix of elegance and fierceness. Despite that, it still looks as a feminist vehicle to me.

Perhaps those accentuated parts are the most functional ones.

I wish the red color was silver instead. It would have looked more stylish.

Am I the only one who thinks that this has a touch of elegance which is suited for the ladies? Then again, its classy aggressive side is more prominent.

The front look of this car is very familiar. It’s like a lady posing with pouting lips! It’s so exotic, yet not exaggerated.

The motor show has passed and I barely noticed this. I think it got overshadowed by the other cars.

Whoa, this looks elegantly exotic. I am just pondering as to why they preferred to highlight those external parts?

We need to know its price! At least, fanatics can save up already and in time if ever they want to purchase this since it’s only limited.

The front grille looks extra-ordinary and special. Why they are limiting the production in 200 units?

Citroen is fabulous in its exterior, and the artistic paint looks great. This is the most awesome in the racing models to be presented on Geneva Motor Show.

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